While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Parenting Ramblings

Applesauce containers :

Pretty random I know but -- I've just discovered that my kids REALLY like to eat out of these, so instead of buying the containers so often -- I'm going to save the containers, wash them out and store them in the cupboard for the next time they want "Applesauce, Pudding, Yogurt" -- it's like I just had a DUH moment. I just recently started this -- so now I'm just going to reuse them until they aren't reuseable anymore.

I really LOVE to read, but it has to be a book that really holds my attention, if it doesn't I'm just not going to finish it. I've just decided that about two books I recently borrowed from the library, but they are going to go back today or tomorrow, whenever I get around to it. But my favorite part about reading is -- drawing a bath and sitting in the bath leaned against the back of the tub and reading in a bubble bath. AW WW, so RELAXING. Of course, I can only do this when all kids are in bed, otherwise it's a hurried event, and I really just like to take my time.
How do I do it??:
I often get asked this question by lots of people, in regard to having 5 kids!! Well the plain and simple truth is -- I DON'T. My house is constantly chaotic, not to mention, but so are my kids. I'm trying better at getting ORGANIZED -- something I STINK at. But I'm trying to get better. The laundry is always behind, no matter what I try. Lately I've had Katherine staying on top of switching loads and now I have two huge Mountains of laundry in my living room that hopefully by the end of today will be folded and put away -- the dishes --since I have to always wash them by hand, because I lack the modern CONVENIENCE of a dishwasher -- are always on the counter top. So it seems that if I take the time to wash the dishes right after dinner, bedtime gets pushed back by an hour -- which I don't like either. Some day I'll get it together, someday I'll grow up. I just went grocery shopping with all 5 kids yesterday afternoon. LAUGH! LAUGH! go ahead I know all you that read this and are parents wonder how that turned out, well lets just say that I still have 5 kids. Not sure if they are all still my kids, but they are kids none the less. But I try and act like it doesn't bother me, when secretly I'm screaming out loud and sometimes that scream is heard by those around me. If you think I'm just being modest, well you should see me right now because I haven't gotten dressed yet and it's nearly 11am. Just drop by unannounced and see what excuse I'll tell you as to why it LOOKS SO BAD IN HERE. Which brings me to my next topic.
Screaming misbehaving kids in public:
Mine are PERFECT!!!

** As long as they are asleep in their beds.

But I can't help but wonder what these people who are staring at the screaming kids are thinking?? Sometimes I'm the receiving parent and feel like CRAP!! Because someone is staring at me and I can't explain myself, because they will think I'm just that more incompetent as a mother. Then I get the several people that say, WOW!! Are they all yours?? -- No!! I just walk around the store and cart around all these " screaming, loud and constantly on the move, being mean to each other, telling me '"I'm crazy MOM,"' kids because they aren't mine. GET REAL!!! Of course, they are ALL mine. (But then I never thought that having 5 really meant ALL as if that were TOO many.) And then, I get some parents or rather PEOPLE that are looking at me when my kids are "throwing those famous in public" tantrums, or fits, or whatever you might want to call it, but what I want to say to you is "YOU DON'T KNOW SO JUST SHUT UP!!" UNLESS I ASK YOU FOR YOUR OPINION IN THIS SITUATION DON'T GIVE IT!!

Enough. Said.

.....except that it REALLY just bugs me that others who have no clue or better yet, don't have any kids yet or really don't know how or what to expect of kids, can think you aren't doing a good job because your kids are screaming and running in the store.

Now my kids aren't always that bad, just 90% of the time. And I usually don't try to take them all, but the kids are out of school and I don't really want to wait till they all go to bed, or wait till Saturday when DH is home so I can do it.

Speaking of kids ---
as if I ever talk about anything else!!

Something that I've been doing with them this school year to help motivate them to do their homework and get up and out of bed, when they are supposed to, is to let them have the chance to earn $1 every week that they turn their homework in on time, and aren't tardy to school. It's mostly been working. Of course this last week well, we won't go there in this post but look for it in a future entry.


So now I'm off to try and conquer all of this mess!!! If I can get the kids to co-operate and help, that will be a PLUS!!!


  1. Haha! This post made me laugh!! All I have to say is I know how you feel!! Although I would never take all of my kids to the store unless I seriously had too. I have a hard enough time taking the 2 boys let alone all 5! Glad to know someone goes through the same stuff I go through every day.

  2. guess what?
    i tagged you on my blog..... come see ♥

  3. Whenever I see kids with tantrums in the store, I try to look at the mom with an "I understand!" look, but I don't know that they always get it. Every now and then I'm at the store alone (I LOVE THOSE TIMES) and see the kids, give the look, and then think, "They probably think I don't have any kids. Weird."

    That's great that Katharine is helping! =D She's such a sweetheart. I hope you feel like you have a handle on things soon.

    I, too, love reading books in the tub.

    I think you're awesome!


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