While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So What do you think??

Okay so here are some side by side comparisons of myself at age 5, and my three daughters. Here is Sleeping Beauty on the right. This was taken July 2006. She was 6 years old. Here is Smartie-Pants in First grade so she was 6.

And here is Sunshine when she had her 5Th birthday.

Kindergarten picture at age 5:
One of my Senior Pictures 1995 is when the picture was taken, but I graduated June 1996.
Christmas 2005 :

Family visit to Cornbelly's 2007 :

March 2008 - right after I had my cyst issue.

(SIDENOTE: Do something better to my hair -- yuck!! It's so straight and stiff. Ugh. I liked it better when it was long and "CURLY" -- too bad it costs so much to get it permed.) I think that is what is missing about my life right now. I used to have perms so much, but now that I'm married and have to "share" what little money we have -- there isn't any leftover to do that anymore.


  1. So funny Wendy! That pumpkin head of yours is hilarious and your 5 year old picture is darling!

  2. Personally, I loved you're hair when it was short.

  3. I think all your children look a lot like your hubby. There is however some resemblance. Your pics are so cute.

  4. I've always thought Sleeping Beauty looks the most like you. Love these pics and all the changes to your blog!!

  5. I also have always thought that kaylee looks the most like you. Cute pics!


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