While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tags are getting fun!!


I'm starting to love these tags, because I'm learning stuff about myself that I didn't really KNOW before -- if you know what I mean??? (I'm still not sure I do.)

So I got tagged by MERRIANNE to name 7 things about me. So let's see where I go with this one, since I can be known to be very STRANGE and WEIRD at times, but I think these things will be pretty down to earth, normal and what many might just call AVERAGE..

1. I LOVE ALL THINGS PEANUT BUTTER!!!! And what's better ??? All things that are CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER!!! Can't go wrong there.

2. I played these sports in high school: VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, and SOFTBALL and I was even a cheerleader in there too!! My favorite being Basketball. And for my last birthday I just got my very first BASKETBALL -- that's right my very own ever since I was born. I've always played at school but always just used their basketballs.
3. I love to make food!!! I love to eat food !!! I like things that TASTE GOOD!!! (duh, why would I want to eat something that taste bad???) Well, it has to LOOK GOOD, if it looks GROSS I'm not going to touch it. Make it look appealing. Like I'm not big on the sushi thing at all -- matter of fact I've never had it and probably never will. It's all in the sight and smell on how it tastes - -just remember that.

4. I've basically self taught myself everything I know on the piano, and am working on learning to play FUR ELISE!!! I love that SONG!!!

5. I really like all the OLD SCHOOL songs, much like the ones currently on my blog. Total huge fan of all the "JOCK JAMS" out there. If you went to my high school, you know what I'm talking about. (I don't even know if anyone from my high school reads my blog)

6. I like to pick things up with my TOES!!! (I can't quite tie a shoe, but I can pick up clothes, or pens or things like that when I'm too lazy to bend over to get it.)

7. If you ever want to give me something, you can bet I'll be okay with "smelly lotion, bubble bath, candles -- or CHOCOLATE/PEANUT BUTTER creations. "

So I'm now going to tag the following people ---

Amy --- she just asked how I have thing to write about -- well here you go.

Marrianne --- as in TWO REDHEADED BEAUTIES!!!

SHANTIL -- (One of my great SISTER IN Laws!!) I'm curious to know....

Liz -- She's always fun to hear stuff from too!! She always talks about her family, but I'd like to learn more about her.

Shannon -- She's got such a cute family, and she was way fun to know when she lived in my ward.

Lorie -- One of my long time friends that I grew up with. I love this lady!!

Heather -- another old roomie -- you can email me your answers.

( I can think of a whole host of others but the darn creatures don't have blogs yet, I need to recruit them somehow)


  1. YAY! i am so glad you did this TAG! these are awesome things about you!!!

    i love peanut butter, too! yummmm!!!!

  2. I pick up stuff with my toes, too. I had a friend who called me "monkey toes" because of it.

    And chocolate and peanut butter are DIVINE.


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