While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, October 20, 2008

All in a days time.

Quick recap of fun things going on around here,

#1 -- Ethan had his first day in Nursery at church and never cried. I dropped him off he was playing with cars when I left and then I didn't see him until after church was over. YEAHH !! I can't tell you how EXCITED I am that he stayed on his first Sunday and didn't have a hard time. I hope it stays this easy !! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thomas also finally decided that Nursery wasn't so bad, especially if he wanted a piece of candy afterwards. So after a short excursion of a walk outside with his Dad, he said, " Let's go inside Dad!" and he went up to the nursery room, and gave Dad a big hug walked in and closed the door. What a great Sunday for both of us.

#2 We went up to Midvale to my sister in laws house for a family get together. Which we've never been to their new apartment let alone have a hosted family gathering at their place. Luckily it was nice weather so the kids could run around outside their 4 plex. The food was great and then we played a game of Apples to Apples. Kind of a pointless game but can be pretty entertaining.

#3 The kids have been out of school since Thursday !! We haven't done anything fun and exciting because we're POOR!! That's right we haven't got a life, but good thing they are okay with checking out movies from the library and watching those-- because they are FREE!! I'm kind of anxious for them to get back to school now.

#4. The girls finally have cleaned up their ROOM!! Minus the fact that while they were in the middle of vaccumming the floor the belt broke, and I wasn't prepared with a spare one to replace it. So they still have crumbs on the floor that I think we just might have to sweep with a broom. Heck it can be a great exercise and workout for the flabby arms I've developed since I haven't kept myself active. But that's all about to change.

#5. The power went out last night!!! DH and I were watching an old rerun episode of ... oh heck I can't even think of the name of the show now, but the point being we couldn't finish the episode because the power went out PITCH BLACK!!! The kids were still awake watching a movie in their room on our portable DVD player and they kind of freaked out. So then I had to stumble around the house in pitch black to find the flashlight so I could get various kids to the right beds and locations and then we were all laying down by 10pm --. I'm still wondering why I feel so TIRED!! Oh, didn't I mention that I was up at 11 with baby boy, and took about 15 minutes to get him back to sleep and then at 12 the power came back on and bam, the Kitchen, bathroom, and hallway lights all came on. So I had to get up and turn them all off, because I wasn't thinking about that when the power first went out. And then baby boy had me up and down most of the night and finally came to my bed and kept tossing and turning and making lots of noise and now I'm still tired and my back hurts. AGGHH. Someday he'll sleep all night in his own bed. I just wish I knew why he kept waking up during the night. ????

All this happened just yesturday!!

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  1. What a busy day! Yay for nursery! Black outs, huh? That sounds exciting.


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