While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Okay, sit back because there are lots of pictures in this post!!! 
Aren't these two boys CUTE and ADORABLE??? 

My cute little bunnies. 
We had gone to Maceys here in Provo, and they were 
doing a fun activity for the kids. And one of the spots were
doing face painting to look like a bunny, and then you could 
get bunny ears.  They also had the Easter Bunny there, 
that the kids could have taken their picture with, but my boys 
declined to do that. But there was also an egg hunt going on 
throughout the store, and the boys had lots of fun doing that.

 Ethan wasn't shy at all, he finished his initial eggs, and kept 
grabbing more from the "mommy" pile. 

Kaylee by now, is an expert at dying eggs.

Thomas having his fun, but thinking that he really can't do it by 
himself for some reason.

Katherine and Ethan

Heidi taking her stab at dying eggs. It really is 
a fun "CRAFT" time.

Egg Dying Fun!! I don't know what is up with Ethan though. 

Do you see this JUNK???  This is what we woke up to
on Easter Sunday!! But luckily by afternoon it was gone. 






A group picture with all the kids and their Easter Baskets. 
Before we did our "indoor" egg hunt.

Group picture with all the kids and thier Easter Baskets.
So we had all the kids stand in a circle, backs 
facing each other, and then did a count down, 
to hunt for the eggs.  And it was kind of 
helpful that the living room wasn't totally clean. 
Gave the Easter Bunny extra places to hide the eggs.

It was definately different to do the egg hunt in the 
house, but still it was lots of fun.


And here is one of my all time favorite pictures of 
Christ.  This Easter weekend coincided with General Conference this 
year and it was so great to be so spiritually fed and uplifted 
especially on Easter Sunday.


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