While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drama at the Dentist office....

Mostly for my own memories.....

Wow!! What a day!! It's been nice weather all week long, and by nice I mean it really hasn't been rainy or snowy, and the temps have been in the upper 40's to low 50's. NICE!!!

And then today happened!! Woke up and it had been raining, but only after it (the rain) was on and off yesterday too. So I had to take the kids to school, and ended up keeping my second daughter home from school because she sounded terrible. Congested in the head and almost allergy like. We'll see if that is what it is, or something different.

And for the whole of this week we've been getting out at 12:30pm from school since Tuesday through Friday (tomorrow since I'm writing this around 10:45pm) so my schedule has been completely off and messed up, having to remember to get them from school by 12:35. Blah.... Blah... Bla!!!

I scheduled the kids that needed a return visit to the Dentist, appointments for today. Originally scheduled at 2pm and got bumped up to 1pm because of the Dentist request. So I had to run over pick up my kids that went to school, drive back home and drop of my oldest and youngest (he's 2 right now and wouldn't have been a good sport for too long waiting at a dental office) So my oldest babysat!! This time in life is starting to become quite nice, and I COULD get used to this. So my 2 year old was screaming when we left, but ended up stopping after a short little while.

So the whole drive over to the dentist which can be anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes away I was nervous, wondering what would happen if he didn't stop crying??

YIKES !!!!!

Get to the dentist, they call daughter #2 in first and she gets started with her 2 cavities that needed to be taken care off.  While I stay in the waiting area for about 30 minutes until they could get Thomas and Heidi back there.  Katherine was mostly finished with her work by the time they came into the back.  All the drilling was done, and just needed to fill the "holes". 

Heidi was the next one to get "numb" and start work on, only she was literally SCREAMING, and I couldn't bare to listen.  I wasn't in the same room with her because I was afraid her dramatics would kick into "steroid" mode.  And eventually something like that did happen.  They needed to do a pulpotomy on her, and couldn't finish because of a few reasons.  The root of her tooth had become infected, and then she wouldn't stop screaming and tossing around so they could even work on her.  So now I need to bring her BACK, or rather her dad will have to bring her back next time.  She tends to do better for him then for me anyway.  Plus it gives him a chance to get a cleaning before she gets taken care of.

Now onto Thomas ... he just turned 5 and the little guy started out with 4 cavities this morning and now has half of them taken care of.  He had two on top  and two on the bottom, and didn't want to have his whole mouth numb at the same time.  So we get to come back in about two weeks. He was so great though.  No crying or screaming at any part.. and totally played the part of the MAN being strong, and brave, and showing no emotion.  And to tell you the truth he was the one I was worried about the most.

We made sure to get some softer foods, for those with sore mouths this evening, like pudding, and applesauce, and some Lipton noodle soup. 

So note to self.... DON'T TAKE HEIDI TO THE DENTIST, HAVE CHRIS TAKE THAT RESPONSIBILITY!!!     But it was nice, not having my 2 year old to take care of, or watch during that time we were there. 

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