While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Time = Funny Time

We've had a busy few days over the weekend, and wouldn't trade it for anything. To start off we spent Friday afternoon and evening over at Chris's sister's house, and played games, visited and snacked on food!! Playing Scattergories with two of those people, ** and you should know who you are if you are reading this ** can be quite interesting to say the least!!! Major competition going on, and total rationalizing acceptable or unacceptable answers. If I didn't get so annoyed with how far they take it... well I just might sit back and LAUGH, because they can be quite a crack up!! But it was fun to get together with family since we weren't around anyone for what almost seems like years, but was only like a month.

After leaving their home we headed back home, and prepared for the day trip the next day.

The kids went to their Primary Practice in the morning and then came home a half hour early and we loaded the car with the changes of clothes that would be needed later that day, and blankets that they could use if they needed to extra warmth on the way home. My nephew was getting baptized and we headed to Ogden for that occasion. The service went great and we had a nice time visiting with family we haven't really seen in 7 months. So my newest niece and nephew looked so big now compared to their newborn and little infancy looks they had the last time I had seen them.

We managed to get a picture of all the kids together, since we don't have one yet with the two babies. And that one will be old come this next April 2010. At least we have a picture of ALL the GRAND KIDS that my parents have right now, and they can hang it up in all it's crazy splendor and glory.....

TAKE #1.....
Take #2 ....... Take #3...... Now if you ask me... I think this #3 picture turned out the best. But the others still have their humor to be found within. And after we took these pictures, we asked for Grandpa and Grandma to get in the picture with the kids,

And then you can't finish a "photo shoot" and not let them be their natural selves!!! I asked everyone to be silly for this picture!! And the next one!! They all did great, except I think my mom might need some lessons from her grand kids on how to make a silly face. ** love you Mom!! ** (NOTE TO SELF: I see the picture now, and realize that I should have had my parents sitting in the chairs the older girls are in, and then had the girls stand in the back.

So I'm thinking that I might get this one printed up and framed and give them this for a Christmas Present!!! I love it!!! Talk about a picture worth a thousand words, well maybe not that many, but at least a good dinner conversation starter, right?? Because honestly, I'm not sure when the next time will be that we have all the kids in the same place. Most of them are here in Utah, but one of the nephews lives in Cali with his family, and will soon be a big brother.
Well later that evening my Dad treated the WHOLE gang out to dinner, which we gladly accepted... it's not everyday that we get to spend time with them, and even less frequent that he pays for dinner, so of course, we aren't going to turn that down. It was crazy to get everyone accommodated, but luckily they had one of their banquet rooms available and we had the room all to ourselves. The kids had fun, and sat at booths with each other, and then the adults and babies sat at three tables we moved together. It was a lot of fun, the kids were playing hide and go seek under the tables, and running up and down the rows of tables and booths. It was a total kid fantasy come true with all those possible places to run and hide. My nephew, has eyes bigger than his stomach I think because we saw him pile his plate up HIGH, and then get more, and try to get a drink, which I intercepted with my hands as I was out to get my own food, and he filled it to the brim, and he wasn't keeping it straight up, so the icee stuff inside was falling out... crazy 8 year old. He's fun though!! My little guy was standing up on the booth bench and then tried to slide himself down, and OFF came the cushioned bench. Uh OH!!! ** I wish I would have taken a picture of that, but the little guy was starting to FREAK out, so I had to intervene sooner rather than later.

And I was trying not to laugh very hard when one time I came back into the room, and saw a huge rib bone laying on the floor right under my niece's high chair, who is 9 months (almost) old, chair. Apparently my sister who happens to be the mother of this child, cleaned all the meat off and gave it to her to gnaw on, since she's teething right now. It was just a funny sight for me to see. In the midst of eating the dinner, it was kind of unusual and funny to see my dad carrying around a portable "weight" device, to weigh all the food he was eating that night. (yes, I know that some people do weight their food, but to see my dad doing it, just seems so out of place for me. But there is a reason why, he was diagnosed with diabetes back in May, nearly 7 months ago right after his father passed away from diabetes) So he's wiping off the scale side, and then laying his food either straight on it, or in a dish and subtracting the weight of the dish ... just looked like a major red neck type of thing to do... but maybe I'm just thinking it is, because I'm not used to seeing that.

I also wanted to get a picture of me with my parents, because I don't think I have a recent one...

...and probably because this will be the only BIRTHDAY picture I can have of my Dad, since his birthday was really the next day, and I wouldn't see him, because he was going back to California.

Happy 56th Birthday Dad!!!!

Then my husband decided to throw in my sisters that were there and get one with my parents. And the gorgeous niece that I can't stand not to be around ... I sure wish she lived closer so I could help take care of her, and be able to play with her!!!

And of course, right as we're getting ready to leave the restaurant, little guy pipes in with "I'm POOPY!!" .... ack...

I went out to the car, and changed him in the back, so that we wouldn't have to smell him for the hour drive home. Sheesh, that kid sure knows how to stink a place up!!! And while I was doing that, the two older girls showed off their cheers that they were learning for the last few weeks to their Grandma and Grandpa ... in the middle of the parking lot.. that was certainly a sight to see. They totally enjoyed it, and I think the pa's and ma's enjoyed seeing them perform.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without the two street racers that came through the parking lot, and sliding and skidding across the way, but sure had their engines revved pretty loud. Scared me a bit, and Chris had fun watching. One of the cars after his second time driving crazily around the building almost took out one of those median things with the trees in them in the middle of the parking lot, and after that near miss... they left the place. Thank heavens!!!

And we ended the night with all the children safely in their beds, and no whining or crying about having to go to bed. It was rather pleasant!!

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