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Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, November 13, 2009

I've been pranked again....

Background Info: I am on the "Relief Society Meeting Committee" formerly called the Enrichment Committee. What is this: Well a program for the women of our congregation, where we meet together nearly on a monthly basis and have spiritual thoughts, and lessons on things to help us become better women in today's world.

The Night of the Event: Tuesday Night November 10th, 2009.

The Story: (Sit Back for this one!!)
Okay so we've (the committee) have been working on the current Quarterly Activity, and we were really excited for what was going on. We had a met a few times, and discussed the new "Relief Society University" that we were going to start for the ladies in our congregation. Of course, only if they want to be a part of it. Basically it is just a glorified "Pursuit of Excellence"

"We want to encourage the sisters to pursue excellence in their schooling, in homemaking, in Relief Society, in every worthy endeavor in its proper season.But remember always to set your priorities by inspiration and by hearkening to
the living prophets of the Lord. "

Janath R. Cannon, “Priorities in the Pursuit of Excellence,” Ensign, Apr 1976, 70

“The Pursuit of Excellence is an achievement challenge designed to help a participant develop a Christlike life of love and service. Accomplishing this
objective requires a diligent and serious effort in fundamental aspects of a
truly Christian life—spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and in service
and character

“Pursuit of Excellence: Less a Program Than a Way of Life,” Ensign,
Mar. 1975, 68–70

So we came up with lists of possible goals and or experience that these sisters could choose to work on if they needed to improve on certain aspects of these parts of their lives. But here is not where the problem is. The problem starts when on Sunday, just 2 days before the Activity, that one of the Leaders said she was not able to make it to that activity and from what I've heard was almost mad that she wasn't going to be there. Because she put lots of work and hours into this and not being able to be there, I can understand how she might feel. Okay so this isn't so bad. It's still doable.


I'm nearly done with dinner on Tuesday just waiting to start reading our scriptures, and I get a phone call from the other Leader. I thought she was going to be at the church setting up already, but NO... she was calling to inform me that her little daughter woke from a nap and was running a fever. (I'm thinking uh-oh!!) That her other daughter was still sick, and that her husband was out of town which eliminates him from being able to watch them. So the words ..." I can't go" was all I heard followed by ..." Can you conduct?" AGHHH!!!!

WHAT?? Someone is playing a prank on me AGAIN!!

This isn't happening.

After a few minutes and me reluctantly agreeing to conduct the meeting, I felt confident that everything would be fine, because another member of the committee would stop by this leaders house and grab the printed program that had all of her notes on it and I could just use those notes and expand a little as needed. No problem.

So I finished reading scriptures for that night with my family before I left. And when I arrived at the church the other member DID NOT have the program or the survey we needed to make copies of for the sisters. Okay I'm starting to panic right about NOW!! So I rush back over to the leaders house to see if she forgot to put the stuff in the basket that was now over at the church. Of course, she remembered that she put it in, and said it must have fallen out somewhere. Luckily she printed off another copy of the survey but we didn't have a program at all!!! Now I"m really FREAKING OUT!!!

So I drive back over to the church, and find that they got busy on setting up the floor plan as best as they could remember, (looked really good by the way). And informed them that the program has gotten lost between the leaders house, and the church. Aghh. And they couldn't find the name tags in the closet for our Relief Society, but I went scavenging in the closet and was able to locate those, while a third member of the committee was on the phone with the leader trying to find out what the "agenda" was for the evening.

Needless to say we started like 20 minutes late, and once the night got started everything went really well. But having to conduct and trying to do the speaking parts, that were designated for someone else in the first place can become quite a challenge. Talk about being put on the spot.

Now just between you and me, and the few others I've already mentioned this too.... I'm not liking how the past chain of events are going. Because the last quarterly activity that we did back in August I was asked to be a discussion moderator = lots of speaking and talking, and then with this one, which = lots of speaking and talking... hmm. I'm just saying.

When I started the meeting not one member of the presidency was there, so the three committee members were running this show. That's fine and all but I don't like it put on us at the last minute!!!

But the three of us with help from various other sisters were able to get the night off without too many problems... but wait what more of a problem could there have been?? I don't know and really I'm not going in that direction.

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