While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Friday.... once again..

Okay so it’s once again Friday. Time for a little more randomness. Let’s see….

Summer reading: Totally enjoy it!! For the kids and myself. All the kids were required to do was read any 10 books and write the names down and send in a paper/entry form to the “UTAH STATE FAIR” and in return they’ll get a free ticket to get into the fair, and they’ll get a free ride at the carnival, and then they can have a free drink too. So being the cheapskates we are, we’re ALL over that. And through the library the kids have to set a goal of how much time a day they want to spend reading, and upon completion of that goal they turn in the reading log and get a free pass to get into the water park that the library hosts an end of the summer reading party at. There are so many perks to getting the kids to read during the summer, I only wish these same perks existed during the rest of the year.

BBQ’s: Well, we aren't that huge into it. But we do our share during the warm months. And later today will be one of those times. We have done a few with extended family and have had them over, and they are so fun. But I do enjoy having low key BBQ’s too!! I still make the food I want, but it’s just our little family and our neighbor. And call me weird or something if you must, but I like to cook up all the burgers at one time even if they don’t get eaten right away. Because they always taste good as leftovers, later in the day or even a day or two later.

Pioneer Day: Must be a bigger celebration living here in Utah then anywhere else in the country. It’s an important event here in Utah. Kind of the beginning of Utah becoming Utah. I have recently found out that I have some Mormon Pioneer Heritage, and am so thrilled to learn of it. The dedication and sacrifices that these early settlers showed and made is such a strong testimony of the faith that they had, and their love for God. They left behind a great legacy, now if I could just do the same. Better get working on that.

Vision: YIKES!! This is a scary subject. I finally decided it’s time to get the old eyeballs checked again, it’s been like five years, and things are getting really blurry now. What event took place that made me so more aware of it?? Well the other night we were over at my friend’s house and they had a projector and pull down screen, and we were all playing Rock Band on the Wii, and I was taking the part of the singer which I was very hesitant about to begin with. The words scroll across the top of the screen WHICH WAS HUGE!!! And I was having major issues trying to read them as they scrolled across the top. I felt so retarded, like I almost didn’t know how to read; only I can. It was kind of scary. So now come Saturday, we’ll get some intervention again. The darn signs of aging are already starting to appear. Not that I’m old, but if I don’t get it under control soon, it could get really BAD, if you know what I mean?

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