While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Breaking Point

Okay I swear that if anything else seems to go contrary to plans that include stress free living conditions, and a worry free summer from now until (FOREVER), I'm might just reach my breaking point. You know the point that you just can't control the emotional outbursts that come, usually those that involve the "waterworks", and I will have red, puffy, eyes because of it. And because of that I just might get a raw nose because my nose has been "attacked" too much.

Well, this last month has been a bit of a "heckish" month. Where it's been almost one disaster after another. Or one bit of bad news after another. It all started on my daughter Kaylee's birthday back on April 27Th.

Well here is the chain of events that have happened. Some of which, I've already mentioned. But here is the LOW DOWN:

April 27Th -- Along with being my daughter's birthday my sister was in a car accident. And had some injuries, but not any that are life threatening. Thank goodness.

April 29Th -- Discovered in my cellar that we had some leaking going on from our drain pipes, and need to have them replaced. FINANCIAL STRESS starts in. We have once company come out and gave us an estimate of something like $3000.00 dollars to replace all the plumbing under the sink and the main drain line from there to where it meets up where the bathroom toilet is halfway across to the other side of the house.

April 30Th --- Well, we managed to be blessed in this situation because we remembered a friend who did this kind of stuff, and helped us replace our line. So it only cost us around $90.00 and a few hours worth of labor. Plus I need to get them over for dinner still. (When things finally settle down for us)

May 2ND ---- I got the call that my Grandpa was in the hospital and having some serious health issues.

May 5Th --- Grandpa passed away.
May 6Th ---- Great Aunt Zelma (grandpa's sister) passed away.

May 7Th --- Heidi fell and hurt her arm on my way out to book group. She complained of it hurting all weekend on our trip.

May 8- 11 --- Trip to California for the memorial service for Grandpa. Everything went okay until we attempted to come home on May 10Th (Mother's Day) and had major car issues involving tires and brakes.

May 12Th --- Take Heidi into the Dr. and found out that she fractured her arm and was put in a fiberglass splint and ace bandages to prevent movement and aide in its healing.

May 13th - 15th -- Somewhere in here we got news that my Dad had been in the Dr.'s office most of the day and having test's run because he might have Diabetes.

May 20Th --- Kaylee fell while rollerblading (as did Heidi) and majorly broke her arm. This happened at around 7:30ish in the pm. We spent that evening in the ER while my other kids were with my sister in law. (Thanks again Amy and Richard).

May 24Th -- Kaylee started feeling a lot of pain while at church and left the meetings about 15 minutes early. She felt much better at home, and less stressed I think too.

May 26 Th --- First day of "summer vacation" for the kids, and we spent it in waiting rooms. But it also was my husband's birthday too. Heidi had her temporary cast removed and then was placed into a Velcro splint that she needs to wear for two more weeks. But can be taken off for bathing and when relaxing. She likes this set up a lot better. Her appointment was pretty painless and pretty quick, we were only there for about 30 minutes max. .

Now for Kaylee's appointment we had the DVD player with us, and a bag full of chocolate animal crackers, that worked for all of 20 minutes or so. We were in the office for 2 hours, and I was exhausted by the end. The kids were running all over the place and getting into things, and then we find out that the bone in Kaylee's arm was slipping and moved about halfway from where it was supposed to be. So they said that we should have her put to sleep and reset her bone and put a new cast on.

May 27 th --- I have to wake up at 5am and took my shower, and woke Kaylee up so that we could get to the center by 5:30am. We managed to get there around 5:40am and around 6:40 they took her back to the "operating" area and I was away from her for about 45 minutes and then we were reunited while she was trying to come out of the anesthesia. She had a few sips of water, and then ate a pudding container, which I fed to her, and we were able to head home after about 30 minutes.

Then after I had been home for a few minutes I got a call from my mom that confirmed that my Dad's test results were positive for Diabetes.

Not to mention I've been really exhausted all day and can't manage to get a nap, because the kids are wreking havoc all over the place. I've tried to look for the blessing out the situations that have come our way, but the emotional toll it's taking on me, and the lack of sleep caused by the 2 year old.... it all adds up.

I know that everyone will have trials and difficult situations to face and go through. And what may seem easy to one person might be very difficult for another. And the biggest thing that I'm learning right now is that I shouldn't judge another person's situation because I think it's nothing. To them it might mean the difference between a level one tropical storm and a category 5 Hurricane. We need to support each other and help each other to stay positive while going through these trying times. Be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen or to bring a meal and help lighten the burden. Or serve someone in a way to help them feel better. Doing their dishes, folding their laundry, or watching their kids... because it all means something, and that's what being Christlike is... serving each other as he would if he were here. But sometimes, despite all the help and the bouts of trying to stay positive, it still gets hard to bare. Because as life seems to be "falling apart" life is still going on, and we still have our "jobs" to do, and our duties at home. In my case I'm still a Mom, and have 5 children to take care of, and to know that someone else cares about us and can give me that hug of encouragement.. it helps me to keep going and plunging onward.

I'm sure that my moments of experiencing the emotional rollercoaster might not be over and I'm pretty sure that I'll endure even more thing in the future, but if I can just handle these moments with faith and with prayer I just might be able to handle the next round a little easier. Or not. Just depends.

Now I should go and deal with the kids that I've pretty much "ignored" today because I've been a little out of it.


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