While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Friday

It's been a while since I've done a Random Friday....

A dream I've always had was to write a novel someday. I've always had ideas, and thoughts about what to do, but really haven't ever put anything on paper. Well, that's all changed now. I've started putting words to paper, or rather typing to screen and forming words and thoughts, and feel like I'm on my way to really getting the book finished. Might not be anytime soon. But at least I've started. And in order to "finish" one must actually "start", right?

I've also had some time the last few days to get caught up on some much needed sleep, and have spent time with my kids playing at the park, and watching them have a water fight, while I waited safely in the house to avoid getting wet also. But don't think I'm a wuss either. Because sometimes I'm getting just as wet as they are and totally LOVE it. Today just wasn't that time.

I'm going to start next week doing school with my kids. They are in essence going to have spelling words to work on, math worksheet(s), they'll have journal time, and then they will have reading time as well. And I'll try to fit in some " arts and crafts" and maybe even some science stuff. I guess you could say I just might do the "homeschooling" thing for the summer. Even T-man will have things to do to. Like working on ABC flashcards, learning to write his name, and practicing writing all the letters and numbers. He'll also have reading time to, but mainly it'll be mom reading to him and Ethan. This should be lots of fun, and I don't want the kids to get bored, but I guess you never know because they are kids.

I think it's a healthy addiction!! NUF SAID!!

FAMILY GET TOGETHERS --- Are great but only when there isn't a lot of STRESS, CONFUSION, and LAST MINUTE changes that take place. And while doing the event, everyone needs to watch out for thier kids, and try not to be irritated with anyone, or for any reason. The best way to pull of a HUGE FAMILY GET TOGETHER is with a plan. A very well thought out plan, one in which :

  1. The Day
  2. The Place
  3. The Reason
  4. The Time
  5. For Who
  6. What Food if any
  7. What Activities if any
  8. What to wear

Are decided as far in advance as possible. Keep the food simple, keep the location neutral, and preferrably somewhere already familiar with everyone, access to bathrooms, and lots of room for kids to run around and be crazy. And when planning said event, have as few people as possible actually "planning" it, so that confusion can be avoided. You need to plan a time, when as many people as possible would be able to make it, and avoid getting together "outside" in the middle of the hot day. Now as far as food goes, is the get together really about the food?? Or is it just because everyone is meeting around the time of a meal, but what is really important is the togetherness and time being spent with each other?? Keep the food simple, finger foods are great, and food that is inexpensive for those on a limited budget is good. I've also discovered that everyone can help out with the food "assignments". Because everyone eats, and wants to eat, they can help bring something, especially if you don't spring it on the last minute. So since summer time is coming and I know "parties" are going to take place, just keep this in mind as you plan. But I'm also wondering if you have ideas for what goes well for the "menu" of large get togethers. I can always use new ideas...


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