While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day 2009 -- Not much excitement here.

Our Valentines Day's are always pretty low key. My husband and I went on our date a week ago, so that we could spend time together as a family on Valentines Day. To start off our day we had the speech therapist that will come to our home once a month to help work with our nearly two year old son -- who has a delay in speech. She came by asking questions and just trying to get a feel for our family and our little boy. She seems nice enough, and I feel this is definatley a step in a positive direction.

So after she was done at our home she left and then we didn't have anything planned. Although we did watch Waterhorse as a family after the woman left. And Chris also went to the bank so he could pull out the money needed to pay off our little darling girls for their report cards. We owed them for the last three quarters (one being from last school year). The girls were way excited and asked if they could go to the store to "SPEND" this hard earned money. So they helped somewhat with the dishes (didn't finish them all- but like I ever do) They did however come to the aide of the livingroom and cleaned up the floor for the second time that day and vaccummed. After completing this task I had an 8 year old run up to me asking me if we could go to the store right NOW. She wasn't dressed for going outside so I came back with " NO!! You aren't even dressed, you silly girl"

So needless to say all the kids got dressed, and we headed for DI -- (Deseret Industries --a thrift store) They found a few treasures that they were glad to buy. I stocked up on a few more books, that I'm anxious to read, and a few more to collect to complete the series. Afterwords, we went to Home Depot. Why?? Well for two reasons, 1) we went to buy a new kitchen faucet. YEAH!! The current one is so OLD, and it leaks into the cabinet space below. YUCK!! 2) we needed to buy a repair kit for the toilet, so that we don't have to keep turning off the water valve when it is on constantly.

After Home Depot we ran to Walmart where we bought two more towel rods to match the ones my husband bought me for Christmas, and that we are so grateful to use now. We wanted to put two more in for the kids to have a place to hang thier towels at. (Hopefully this will reduce the towels on the floor issue). We also bought a new curtain rod to mount in the girls bedroom, seeing how their old one broke to pieces and they've been without a curtain on the "sliding glass door". This, of course, will be my project because Chris already has a few to work on. We also bought a wall mounting shelf-cabinet thing to put over the toilet. I'm excited to get that up.

After leaving there, we stopped at Papa Murphey's on the way home and bought one of those heart shaped pizzas and pineapple/ham pizza as well. So can I really complain?? No !! Especially when my husband started the day by giving me a sweet card.

On the front it said

For my Sweet Wife

The love of my life

Then open it and it says:

When we fell in love,

I gave you my heart.

When we got married,

I gave you my word.

And as long as I live,

I will give you my love.

Happy Valentines Day.

Then of course, he signed it.

I also got a box of chocolates!! YUM!! Can't go wrong there.
But for our date last week, we ate dinner at a local Chinese Buffet place
and then we decided to head towards RC Willey and DREAM AWAY!!!
I do have to admit that I was a little bit SAD afterwards because I liked
some of the stuff I saw in the store but knew it would not happen anytime soon
that it would ever be in my house. But we did have fun, and we enjoy being together.
And we're just around the corner from being able to let our girls watch the younger
ones while we go out. How exciting!!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday with your family and your hubby! Your blog makes me laugh. Thanks for the laugh!!
    Talk to you later. You going to the chili cookoff Tuesday? i'm making my chili...mmm yummy! I love Chili!

  2. Sounds like a great Saturday for you. My best trick for getting kids to hang up their towels is to use a board with hooks or dowels in it instead of a regular towel rod; it's a bit easier for them to just throw the towel on the hook and you can fit more towels on it too.

    Have fun with all your projects!

  3. Wendy, we did our Valentine's exactly opposite! We did dates with the kids last week and our own date this week. Also, I think our husbands got us the EXACT SAME card! How funny! Was yours white with a red ribbon too?


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