While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So lately I've been wondering a few things:

Like WHY does the Little E Monster fall asleep in my arms and then when he's SNORING, I put him into his bed, and he instantly WAKES up. Gets out of bed, usually SCREAMING, and comes to find ME again. WHY DOES HE DO THIS???? He needs sleep, and so do I !?

Like How come, my oldest two girls who are 8 and 9 scream like maniacs when I go to any store, they start kicking each other and act like they are being "MEAN" when in fact, they aren't trying to hurt each other they're just having fun. But for some reason it bothers ME!!

Like When is it time to make dinner??? Because this is one of my least favorite things, along with the laundry, making sure everyone gets baths or showers, sweeping the floor (carpet included) and the dishes. Okay so you got me. I'm not liking the whole thing a lot, so I am trying to find more ways to make it interesting, but feeling like the only person who does any of the cleaning is getting a bit TOO MUCH TO Handle. Time for a regular CHORE CHART of some kind. ( I guess that falls under getting organized this year)

Like why does my living room floor seem to get full of food crumbs and small "confetti" like papers when I don't have a vacuum cleaner to use. Mine broke a few months ago, and we haven't replaced it yet. Our home economy is a little slow at the moment too. So I've been "sweeping" with the broom. I can't tell you how much I hate sweeping now. But on the other hand when we do have a vacuum the floor doesn't seem to get very bad very fast. WHY???

I'm also wondering why on earth, no one can live peacefully with each other?? There is so much war and violence going on, it's sad. I feel so terribly bad for the innocent victims especially the children that get caught up in this. So seriously why can't we have WORLD PEACE!!!
(NOTE: If you want to watch the video clip, be sure and turn off the music player at the bottom first.)

Just like is said, on Miss Congeniality.I'm serious -- everyone all across the globe needs a big dose or MORE of WORLD PEACE. Quit being selfish, quit being brutal, and be more KIND, AND PEACEFUL. Enjoy these few clips.

I love this clip:.

It seriously makes me laugh every time I see it. (There are some choice words) so don't listen to carefully.

So I'm grateful that I have humor to fall back on when I get so stressed over the mundane, or not so mundane things that go on in life. So I guess I'm just really telling you that I'm a big SANDRA BULLOCK fan.


  1. Wendy, we have a vacuum we're not using -- want to borrow it on a permanent basis? =)

    Ever hear that old adage, "A child will never spill on a dirty floor?" It's always right after you clean it that they break a whole bottle of peaches all over it.

  2. We're having vacuum problems, too, though ours are directly related to the two golden retrievers who now live inside. Their hair is giving us some serious clogging issues.

    And kids snoring in your arms and screaming 2 seconds later in their beds......yeah, that kind of stuff never happens around here!! =D

    I love sandra bullock, too. hope floats and miss congeniality are definate faves. "SHE thinks I'm funny."

  3. And I LOVE the new look!! So cute.


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