While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy 8's

My sister in law tagged me with this like a month ago, and I just saw the tag. Wow, am I observant or WHAT???? I'd say more like CRAZY!! But what's the diff?? So I hate to admit you'll find out how lame I really am now. Sorry!!

8 Favorite TV Shows

  1. American Idol
  2. Heroes
  3. Law and Order SVU
  4. MASH
  5. Little House on the Prairie
  6. Gilligan's Island --- when it was on, (does it still come on?)
  7. ????
  8. ????
8 Favorite Restaurants
  1. Garcia's in Idaho Falls ( We ate there a few times while living in Rexburg. We celebrated our first Anniversary by eating dinner there, and then our 10th just this last summer)
  2. Souper Salad ( If you like SALAD this is the place for you. I'm so bummed though, because the one that was close by in Orem shut down, and now the closest one is in Sandy, UT. Like 45 minutes away instead of 10 minutes. BUMMER!)
  3. Fortune Chinese -- My kids love it too. ENOUGH SAID !!! It's a Chinese buffet.
  4. Wendy's ( so what, I know it's fast food. But its good!!)
  5. Los Hermanos --- I love Mexican but don't get to go there very often because of KIDS!! Anyone want to babysit???
  6. Sizzler ( I love the all you can eat shrimp with the salad bar. This is usually where I like to go for my birthday every year. There again babysitters??? )
  7. SUBWAY --- Hands down the best sandwiches!!! Plus my husband used to work there when we were first married, until we moved to Utah. Of course, this was in Rexburg.
  8. hm..... ( I guess I don't get out much)
8 Things That Happened Yesterday
  1. I got to meet up with two of my former roommates AMY and ANNETTE and have lunch. Heck we didn't have our kids with us either. Because if we had --- I'm talking 12 KIDS that would have been!!! So I'm glad that we were able to each get someone to watch our kids so we could have a nice afternoon visiting. (And thanks to Monte too!!)
  2. I came home from the afternoon out, and my husband and kids had cleaned up the kitchen floor and the laundry room floor. Thanks Guys!! Too bad, I still have to do the DISHES!! Ugh.
  3. I hugged Little Monster really tight and he hugged back, and that went back and forth for a few minutes. He sure does give good hugs.
  4. I folded up a few loads of laundry that were DUMPED onto my bed while I was gone for the afternoon.
  5. While folding that in my bedroom, I was watching Jumanji -- I never realized that Kirsten Dunst was the girl in that movie. WOW!!
  6. My in laws took our family out to dinner, which was really nice and the funny thing is (it was the exact same place I met up with my friends earlier in the day) They didn't know that but they read my blog and I'm sure they'll know now. But it's okay. When the food is good, no one minds going back for more. Right?
  7. Watched my children open up their last Christmas Presents from the same set of Grandparents that took us out for dinner.
  8. I made sure that I told my family members how much I loved them and kissed them all goodnight.
8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Sleeping Beauty and Smartie Pants being old enough to babysit so Big Daddy and I can go out on regular dates.
  2. Little E Monster talking. And starting to have less mood swings. And getting him potty trained so that I can be DONE with diapers.
  3. Being out of DEBT!! And Acquiring a years supply of food and other needs.
  4. Seeing my newest niece and nephew once they are born. (Feb and Mar 2009) and we'll go out sometime shortly thereafter.
  5. The next time I get to do a "girls night out".
  6. My next date with my husband ---- there again a babysitting issue. Who in the world wants to watch 5 kids??? I know I don't.
  7. When the boys both are able to start school. T-man will start school August 2010 and then Little Monster will start a few years later. (I can't do the math right now long days do that to a person)
  8. My children all graduating from High School, then college, serving their missions, and getting married and having families of their own. I can hardly wait to be a GRANDMA!!! Okay just kidding I CAN WAIT!!! But then it will be fun, because I can send them back to my kids to deal with. YEAH!!!
8 Things On My Wish List
  1. A Vacuum Cleaner
  2. A New Phone
  3. Dining Table and Chairs
  4. A bigger house, or just upgrade this one.
  5. Maybe a baby #6 (Still not sure about this one, though)
  6. For my mom and/or grandma to live close by.
  7. To have my house ORGANIZED and CLEAN and TIDY -- all at the same time. (and that goes for all the rooms in my house)
  8. To be neighbors with my closest friends and (AMY & RICHARD) so when I wanted to visit I could easily walk over. To constantly have someone close by to play games with, or just someone to confide in when I needed it. My friends really have a way of ENERGIZING me.
8 People I'm Tagging
  1. How about You
  2. Her
  3. Him
  4. You
  5. yOu
  6. yoU
  7. Them
  8. YOU!!! TAG YOUR IT!!!

Be sure to let me know if you're going to do this or not.


  1. You really do need to get out more. Let me give you some suggestions for resturants for when your girls get old enough to babysit:
    Goodwood (BBQ)
    Carrabas (sp?) (Italian)
    Shoots (Chinese)
    Cafe Rio (Mexican)
    Macaroni Grill (Italian)
    Training Table (hamburgers. The best hamburgers ever)
    Man, I want to go out to eat. . .

  2. You like Heroes and Law and Order SVU too>? I LOVE those shows too! Cool! Another thing we both like. I think it would be fun to organize some sort of girls night with some women in the ward. What do you think? I was thinking KAtherine Funk, Kanani Horito, Clarissa O Connor, Cathy Jackson Do you think they would up to it? Get together over each others houses or a restuarant and just girl talk. Games whatever, Let me know what you think. I'll actually talk to you too if you don't read your blog often too.


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