While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, December 29, 2008


These are the following pranks that were played on me yesturday. I wasn't sure if I should get angry or laugh about it. But here it goes,

After making sure that I was awake EARLY to get dressed for church and do my makeup, and hair, my kids still weren't getting dressed or eating their breakfast. So now it's nearly 7:45 and I had to give them some "TURBO BOOST" only it didn't really work. ( I didn't really give them anything) I had my four younger kids ready and took them to church, while my oldest daughter swore she had nothing to WEAR!!! So since I was completely ready to go, and my husband was still getting ready he stayed behind with her and they showed up just minutes later. How did he do it. She was so STUBBORN with me and I was ready to "KILL" her. (Not that I really would)

During church when it was time to take the Little Monster to NURSERY I didn't even try. I was way exhausted from the night before, and heck from the last 4 months, that I didn't care if he went or not. So I stood out in the hall with him for a little while and just tried to RELAX, well someone forgot to REMIND me that it wouldn't work. Finally I took the Little Monster into the room and started playing "bean bag toss" with him, and he started to like that. Just a few minutes later T-Man came into the room. (He's going to be in sunbeams next week, so this is his last time in nursery. They were bringing all the older kids to the Nursery room after they did singing time in Primary) So I thought I'd be able to go, and I WAS RIGHT!!! -- Okay not so much a prank here.

After church, I'll try not to go to fast here. I wanted to make some spaghetti sauce to possibly take down and share with extended family elsewhere. I realized I was one tomato sauce can short of being able to make the sauce. I did however, have a huge can of whole tomatoes. So I got my blender out, and poured the can in, and added a can of tomoato paste. Everything was going great. I picked up the pitcher by the handle and all of the sudden RED STUFF EVERYWHERE!!! I'm not kidding. The blender controls were covered or rather saturated in sauce, on the counter top, under the microwave, down the front of the cupboard and the inside, (I didn't shut it before I started -- oops) , on the floor. IT WAS NASTY!!! I wanted to scream so LOUD!! But figured it wouldn't do any good. So there went my attempt at making sauce for everyone to eat. But instantly I remembered I froze some sauce from the week before and pulled it out to add to the one can I already had opened. Needless to say I didn't want to share that at all. We might try it for dinner tonight.

Then I went to make some 7 layer dip, and wanted to venture putting black beans in it too. I went to the sink to rinse the beans and drain off the water. In a handheld strainer. I walked the step in a half from the kitchen sink to the spot on the table where the start of the dip was sitting in the pan, and the shoes I was wearing "SLIPPED" on the floor. I started to FALL, and scraped my arm on the table and the beans in slow motion, all flew up in the air, and landed all over the kitchen floor. (I got mad at my shoes for that one) I think it's time for new ones. I've been slipping a lot lately.

Then I went to make a phone call and didn't get the reaction I was hoping for from the other end. Or rather was surprised at the reaction I received. So that put me in a tailspin of a fragile mood for the rest of the day.

Then of course, I have the normal, fit throwing from Little Monster. Keeping me awake all night. And draining me of all my strength and energy.

Now all I'm asking myself is how do I TAME THE WILD ANGRY BEAST INSIDE THIS LITTLE GUY? ( Do they prescribe sleeping "pills" for little ones? )


  1. Oh my gosh Wendy! That is horrible! The whole story. I couldnt help but laugh at it a little though because of the pictures I was getting in my head and the fact that it didnt happen to me this time! Hehe!

  2. Time to go back to bed, and definitely don't try anything new on a day like this... not good results!


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