While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Day after Christmas and it's a FRIDAY!!! Know what time that is???

That's right time to get out some of my thoughts on various random "THING and/or STUFF, and/ or PEOPLE"

So I'd like to get mushy for a minute and BRAG on my HUSBAND!!! For Christmas he surprised me with a "GIRLS NIGHT OUT KIT" a few envelopes sealed one inside the other. There was two "made up" movie tickets to go see TWILIGHT -- because I still haven't been able to see it YET!!! And there were two "DINNER PASSES" -- good anywhere cash is accepted. So he included $40.00 to go take care of this Girls Night Out!! So he prearranged this with my sister in law coming up from Arizona and we're going to go see this movie and grab dinner. Now I wonder if I could talk Amy into coming as well so that we could all go and do this. I love hanging out with these TWO AMAZING AND FANTASTIC LADIES!!! I'm glad that they can put up with me and my habit of "TALKING TOO MUCH!"

But my husband also hid inside the TREE a box, a jewelery sized box. What was inside. A new bracelet!!! It's so BEAUTIFUL!! You know he can be quite crazy during the year, but has a way of "smoothing" it all over at the important times. Thanks Sweetheart!!!!

Dishes --- anyone want to come and do mine??? I'm still working on them from yesturday and the day before -- I got lazy and didn't do that much yesturday because I was EXHAUSTED!!!

LITTLE MONSTER ---- He never likes to SLEEP!!! Do they prescribe sleeping pills for babies?? Because he needs something!!! I'm not getting sleep and therefore I'm getting CRANKY!!! I can only do this for so long, and now I think I'm starting to experience "DEPRESSION" -- maybe it's time to make a big 180 and start working out 6 times a week to get the endorphines pumping through my body. Huh???? He still isn't talking, and only screams at me when he wants something, can't get him to go to bed at night, he just gets CRANKY and FIGHTS his sleep all the time. AGHH!!! What's a mom to do, when her 20 month old nearing 21 months doesn't sleep???? HELP!!!

STREP THROAT!!! My oldest daughter has it yet again, and has had it since Monday!!! SAD!!! But now we're on antibiotics once again, and hope to nip this in the bud real SOON!!! Who's the carrier??? I just hope that no one else has it!!! I'm already not getting sleep and I don't need anyone else coming down either. Guess I should go get them swabbed tomorrow, or just wait until MONDAY!!! What am I to do???? THe life I lead is often CRAZY and very much not the way I PLAN it. Oh well.

New Year -- Coming up around the corner and a time for new beginnings and new goals, I set some last year and have to say that I was unsucessful with all of them, there were 5-6 different ones. So this year, I'm going to set a new goal every month that can be worked on, and then add to it the next month. My dad gave me a good place to start, so I'll probably take his advice, and start with the HOUSE!!! It needs to be seriously DECLUTTERED, and then ORGANIZED. So I'll go room by room, and then hopefully by my birthday I'm in a better habit of getting the cleaning done, and the clutter will all be gone, and the kids will be doing REGULAR CHORES. And be up to grade level as far as CHORES go.

So if you have school age kids, and they have homework and chores that you'd like them to do, and little time to do it all -- how do you go about it. Suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. If you figure it out, let me know. The only thing I've found that helps is spending 2 weeks at my mom's house where I don't have to do everything, and when I do help, it is greatly appreciated.


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