While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Mother's WORK.

A MOTHERS WORK IS SERIOUSLY NEVER DONE, but why do I get the heat when something isn't done??? If all people especially our family members knew this one tidbit of information -- I don't think we'd stress ourselves as much. Maybe. Okay maybe I'm just hoping I won't.

My husband sad, the house must be in pretty bad shape if I'm calling before he gets home from work to apologize for how bad it is. All I could do was LAUGH!!! IT's seriously like a tornado came through here and wasn't showing any mercy at all. I get right in the middle of trying to do some laundry, and I get the "where's this?" "I need that" "MOMMY!" And various other "mom" calls. That I don't get much accomplished.

I know how lucky my Mom was having her mother live 5 minutes away. She was always helping, and watching us when it was needed and never complained about it. My mom had 8 kids and I am the oldest. I don't know how she went through the 8 of us, and still can function as a person now. My sanity is going and it's going FAST --- I TELL YOU!!!

I need the same kind of help, but feel weird if it is anyone but my Mom, WEIRD - I know. But don't you always just feel more like letting your Mom, help out with "housework" that you need help with, or "babysitting" if that's the case, than someone not your Mom? Well that's how I feel. So since, I'm not as lucky as my Mom, I'm gong to need to be really inventive to get my things organized once and for all and keep it that way. A bigger home might help, but that's not going to happen so we have to come up with something simpler. I almost need the help of a professional "organizer" if they really exist because I'm clueless about how to store and organize all my stuff and that off my children's.

SOMEDAY!! When I grow up I want to be SUPERMOM!!! Have a place for everything and everything in it's place. But seeing as how I have 5 kids running all over the house, everything is usually not in it place and on the livingroom or kitchen floor instead. HELP!!!! Do I really need to fret over this, or am I being CRAZY!!

Maybe it's both. Who knows.


  1. Sadly, I feel your pain! If you figure out the solution, let me know. My house has a tornado and hurricane blow through everytime I turn around. It is unbelievable. and I'm the only one who cleans up anything!!! It is so frustrating!

  2. When we get into the "Mom, where is my . . ." That is when I pull out my favorite answer: "That is not my job." Seriously. My kids have learned young that Mommy doesn't keep track of their stuff. I'm so mean.

  3. I know the feeling. A bigger house does help, but it also gives you more to clean and more places for the kids to sneak around and make messes. =) I'm currently trying to organize my cleaning better and going through all the toys.


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