While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, December 1, 2008

The 1st of December -- It's a MONDAY THIS YEAR.

All I have to say --- WELCOME TO MONDAY MORNINGS!!! IT HAPPENED ALL OVER AGAIN, why is that??? Kids don't want to get up for school, but they are up at the crack of dawn when there is no school--- why is that?? Sunshine just wants to throw fits ALL DAY LONG!! why is that?? Little Monster wants mommy to hold him all day and cries if he gets put down - why is that???

I have more of these questions and then some, but I guess the plain and simple answer is that BECAUSE IT CAN HAPPEN. I'm like the Murphy's Law MAGNET!! HELLO!!!

Now good things do happen to, but on MONDAYS everything that can go wrong usually does.

I know that there are seven days in every week. And at least one or two of those days usually turn out "worse" than the others, like kids are more misbehaved, you burn dinner or better yet forget to even make dinner. This or that breaks down, and you don't have a way to replace it. Or so much has to get done in order for Christmas to go smoothly. (Okay I had to throw that in, just because CHRISTMAS is now upon us.)

We all have the to do lists that include various things like

  • school parties
  • christmas cards
  • type the letter up
  • buy stamps
  • get the picture printed
  • work parties
  • bake goodies
  • church parties
  • oh yeah, Christmas shopping
  • and then the wrapping
  • mailing off packages
  • getting together with family
  • figuring out the menu
  • what traditions to do this year or ones to stop that don't work so well
  • hanging lights on the outside of your house
  • putting up a Christmas Tree whether it's real or fake (I'M ALL ABOUT THE FAKE ONES)
  • Pick a family to play the 12days on Or some other kind of silent Santa surprise.
  • Figuring out what each child is going to get for Christmas
  • Making sure you don't overspend
  • sending out thank you cards ( most of the time I forget)

The list can go on and on. So my question again, why is that?? Well, because we love our families and want it to be special for them. And we want to make sure that Christ is brought into the real meaning of Christmas and as the month goes on -- I'll try and share some stories that will help bring that spirit into your homes and families. Most if not all of these stories are from past issues of the Friend, that I really liked.

So as this time of year is now upon us, let us not forget the reason for the season.


  1. Found YOUR blog! Fun to keep up with your family! Just wanna say hi!

  2. Seriously! What is with kids getting up at ridiculously early hours only when there is no school, but you have to DRAG them out of bed when there is school! What is with that??? We had the same thing here this morning.

  3. Yeah, Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday was pretty tough.

    I, too, wonder why kids get up early when there's no school--doesn't make sense!


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