While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Pictures, and my PAIN IN THE NECK

Here I am with my baby sister. Man nothing like her to make me feel OLD!!! She was so beautiful and lovely. I thought my hair looked good. I only wish I had someone take a picture of it, because I'm vain that way. Well not always, but hey, when you got it - you got IT!!!
Here are some random pictures from our California trip that I didn't post yet but wanted to. My sisters wedding cake that I was the designated cutter for. What a crazy experience that was.

Heidi was sick the Thursday that we had an early Thanksgiving dinner, so when she was feeling better on Friday she got to eat one of the drumsticks. I just couldn't help myself from taking the picture.

Here is my Grandma's house that we stayed at. Here she's pulling the two boys around in a wagon. What fun!!! And yes, there is no GRASS!!! It doesn't grow very well there.

Here's my Grandma's front porch and Ethan playing in the dirt in YES, just his diaper and his shirt in NOVEMBER!!! It was so WARM there compared to Utah. He had so much fun playing in the dirt he was in little boy heaven --- if it even exists.

I was also fortunate enough to have a good friend of mine come and visit while I was at the reception. She also reads my blog so I just want to say THANK YOU LORIE!!! You've always been a real FRIEND, and I appreciate all the times we've shared together --talking. I was about to ball my head off right before I saw you that night, and talking with you and your mom, sure made me feel better.

Okay so as you may know I just returned from a trip to California to go to my sister's wedding. Every one of my kids was CRAZY sick with STREP (but I didn't know this until we returned home). I too, was feeling ill, and started having lots of body aches and pains. I had a pain that I could feel in my neck the Sunday that we drove home. Well, as I've been taking the antibiotics the pain WORSENED. It didn't get better as one might expect. I could hardly move my neck either direction and my left arm was almost useless. I felt a constant throbbing pain and went through the week like this. Finally on Saturday I managed to find a chiropractor that was in his office and he set out to make it all better. First he checked my neck. CRACK all the way up the neck, switch sides, same thing CRACK all the way up. Then I got to lay on the massaging tables and LOVED it. It ends up that I had a pinched nerve and as a result of it being pinched it was now swollen and inflamed. I am feeling a lot better now. With the help of a blessing and the work of the chiro. Life is good once again. Now if I could only get my kids to be good.


  1. I was surprised to see my sister when reading your blog! And my mom made the cake! Good ol' Trona with no grass!

  2. BTW, I feel your pain with the chiropractic stuff. My neck was out for seriously a month and it was horrible!!!


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