While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How appropriate that I get to post a Thanksgiving Post. I did a similar one last year but I think it's great to compare lists. So I'm going to not cheat and look back at last years until I do this years. This is my ABC Thanksgiving -- installment #2.

  • A --- Air Conditioning. We went back East this year and the humidity was almost unbearable except in our car where we had Air Conditioning.
  • B --- Babies. Straight from Heaven and without any sin. Too bad we can't all be that way our whole lives. They're fun to hold and cuddle with.
  • C --- Chris. My best friend, lover, and companion for Eternity.
  • D --- Dads. Without Dads, I'd be lost and not really know where to go or what to do in life.
  • E --- Ears. I love all the beautiful sounds that I can hear.
  • F --- Food. I love to eat FOOD. Trying some new ones, and making the favorite ones.
  • G --- Girl friends. I love to have that GIRL TIME, and those friends mean a lot to me.
  • H --- Happiness. Because being Sad all the time isn't any fun.
  • I --- ICE CREAM!!! Everyday is better with Ice cream.
  • J --- Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Amen.
  • K --- Kissing -- as I like to say. Practice makes perfect. I also enjoy the baby kisses.
  • L --- Love. I feel so much better when I love someone else and when I am loved by someone else.
  • M --- Mom's --- they do a lot!!! Whether we realize it or not. And now that I am a MOM, I realize how hard I have to work to keep up with anything.
  • N --- NICE PEOPLE. I never knew how much the nice things that others do for me could influence me to be nice in return. The smiles, the "oh let me get that for you-s", entertaining my kids while they are screaming in the middle of the store. It makes me know that there are still good, kind people in the world and that not everyone is EVIL and bad like the news only tells about.
  • O --- Opinions. What kind of discussions would be had if we didn't have opininions??
  • P --- PIE --- What would Thanksgiving be like if we didn't have PIE, there are so many varieties that you are bound to find something that someone likes.
  • Q --- Quiet Times. When kids are being peaceful and not running around screaming. I can finally relax, meditate, and enjoy life the most at those times.
  • R --- Research. As in Family History Research. It can become quite addicting.
  • S --- Sisters. Siblings, and in laws. I learn things from them all.
  • T --- Temples. I love to go and need to go more often.
  • U --- Umbrellas -- Nice to have a multi purpose tool around. Shade from the sun, protection from the rain & snow.
  • V --- Vegetables -- as in Garden grown.
  • W --- Water --- another MULTI - Purpose element. What a creation of our Heavenly Father.
  • X --- X-RAYS --- There are so many different types that it helps in the medical field immensely.
  • Y --- YOU. Because without you, I wouldn't feel so LOVED!!
  • Z --- Zippers that work. So that you aren't caught in public with your "fly" down and someone has to point it out to you. Which is nice that they do, but still doesn't help with the embarrassment already in place.

Pretty cheesy I know but at least it helps me take the time to think about at least one thing for each letter. I could easily come up with more but I don't want to bore anyone who reads this.

Hope you all have a great Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Great list! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I love looking at your blog. I always feel uplifted and ready to meet the world. your an amazing lady and I feel so blessed to be able to know you. Heidi looked so sweet at church today. She really is growing up!! I remember when chloe and Thomas were just learning to walk. Hmmm.... how time does fly!!


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