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Thursday, December 4, 2008

... and the bill came back and I don't even owe $1.00


REMEMBER THIS POST followed by this one well I just looked at my mail from the other day a noticed a statement from my insurance company that says the midwive's office rebilled the insurance company using the main Midwife's name and now I don't owe ANYTHING!!! NADA !!! ZILCH!!!!

What a great Christmas Present!!! I thought we'd at least have to pay our $20.00 co-pay but we're not going to have to pay that either. Now I can truly say that persistence does pay off. Quite the headache, but well worth it.

This is a procedure that I had done back in August of 2007 and it just now has been settled the way in which it should have been done the first time.

Just a word to the unwise -- seriously know what you should and shouldn't be charged ahead of time, and really know if that provider is "in-network" or "out -of -network" by calling the insurance company with the exact providers name. Document everything, dates you call people, who you talk to, and what they said, it'll help you in the long run, I didn't write it down, I just told people what happened verbally and it's taken a really long time to get it worked out. But all worries laid aside, I'm not going back to that office to have anything done again, unless my insurance changes.


  1. Wow, what a great Christmas present -- $900 is a lot of money!

  2. Yeah I know paying nearly $900 or $000 --- Gee that's a toss up. But at least I can sleep easily at night now.


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