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Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, February 7, 2008

problem solved!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

So this is some of the BAD & UGLY of my life:

Okay so this morning I get a phone call from the lady at the billing office that I spoke to yesturday. She said, that when she got to work this morning that she had a message from my insurance company that said, the midwife was in fact NOT a provider. So now I'm back to square one again. And feeling extremely frustrated !!! So Kiera you are right !!! You get the run around from doctors, insurance, billing office --- basically everyone!!! It kind of stinks a lot!! So now I've called the midwives office and asked if there is any way that they can "resubmit this to the insurance company under another Midwife's name" so that I only pay the $20.00 co-pay. The one midwife I was scheduled with is the only one in the office that doesn't take my insurance !!! AAAGGGHHH

Chris suggested that we just pay our $20.00 and then get Bill Gephart involved. So I'm basically having to pay for a scheduler's mistake --- which I don't feel I should be responsible for. Because I would not knowingly have had this done knowing that I would have to pay just under $900.00 for this. What a headache!!!

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