While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I fixed my ugly forehead problem, and now I feel much cuter. Of course, it's all relative and beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, but I think I'm cute and my Sunshine said that I'm BEAUTIFUL!! so that's all that matters to me. I used to have bangs back in the day. Like when I got married. Of course, my hair was a lot SHORTER back then, which I don't like it that way anymore. And here I am 10 years later with bangs once again. And my hair is a lot LONGER!!! Now I just want to get it permed again, hopefully before my birthday in 6 months. ( I have to save up the money to do it)
And no, I'm not trying to tell you anything by this picture. I just went to a baby shower for my sister in law and this was a doll that was used as one of the games that my team WON!! We were "blindfolded, or we just closed our eyes" and then we had to diaper this silly thing. I wasn't the last person to go but the diapering job is probably consistent to what I did too!! That diaper was a size 3 and look how BIG it is on the baby. And you'll just have to ignore the coloring the baby had a bout of jaundice going on -- hopefully the billirubin count is back to normal now. Or then again maybe it isn't. Who knows. I had so much fun, that day despite that I was gone a little longer than I was hoping to be. But it was FUN!!! I saw the cute outfits that were given to the MOM to be and I started feeling baby hungry. So no, I'm not going to deny that I don't get that way, but as my husband says for now we're done. If that status ever changes I'll be sure and let everyone know. But until then, I'm just trying to cope being the mother of 5 that I already am. If you want to read a great tribute about mothers and motherhood visit my friend Christina's blog, and see what she has to say. She's an incredible WOMAN, and MOTHER of SEVEN including a set of twins. I'm looking to her as my example of what a mother is and does, someday I hope to be all that she is. She truly loves her children and seems to understand them, I'm just trying to do the same with the five that I have. But am having a hard time with Baby Boy!!! Still can't figure his personality out and what makes him tick, and more importantly what makes him sleep. Yes he's cute and adorable, but what you don't know is how he is behind closed doors. And to tell you the truth and can be quite SCARY!!!

Anyone else have a challenging child that refuses to sleep at bedtime, and have tried everything you can think of to get them to go to sleep in their beds, and despite your best efforts, is still unsuccessful??? I need help!!!! This kid is so MY CHALLENGE and TRIAL. He's a cute little guy but very HIGH MAINTENANCE!!! SHANTIL ----- I think BABY BOY might just be a bit more "SPICIER" than your little guys all together. We can compare some more I guess in a few more weeks.


  1. My kids sleep at night, but it's next to impossible to get them to go to bed. My teens stay up late doing homework, so the younger ones think it's okay to stay up late, too.

    And, yes, some kids seem to be higher maintenance than others.

    I enjoyed your photos.

  2. I love the bangs!! That's a great pic of you.

    Unfortunately, I have no advice for Baby Boy's sleeping issues. I'm sure one of my kids in the future will have bed time issues for me to deal with, but I've been fairly lucky so far.

    The only things I can offer are probably things you already do/have tried: consistent time and routine, singing, having a lovey, locking the door from the outside. =D

  3. IM sorry! I dont have the problem and right now I have 3 boys in one room and two girls in the other. They all go to sleep pretty easily, but my baby is still in a crib. I dont know how he would be if he was out. Cody threatens their lives...thats how it works!!

  4. That picture of him is SO adorable. Thanks for linking to my blog. It's so nice to have you as a friend!


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