While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

"I can't believe that everyone in my class knows who the new president is. I thought I was the only one!"

----- this was said by my 9 year old daughter. Just now. What a thought!!

I can remember back in the day when I was a kid and would love to try to have the "edge" on other people by knowing something of the current events that others might not know. Well, it wasn't too hard to know more than anyone else. AND NO!! I'm NOT SAYING THIS TO GIVE ME A BOOST TO MY EGO!!

I'm not sure if any old school mates read my blog or anything because no one ever leaves me comments from that era of my life. But my life back then was pretty non eventful. I was probably known as a NERD, TEACHER'S PET, SHOW-OFF, and whatever else name you can think of to describe a student that really tries to do their best and is honest, and doesn't cheat when the chance presents itself. I grew up where I was the only member of the church near my age bracket that was active at all in church. I had other friends that came occasionally and eventually decided that they didn't want to come for whatever reason. It's amazing I made it through my teenage years unscathed by all the corrupt things going on, and drinking, and immorality problems etc...Although just so you don't think that I was absolutely perfect I did go through a bit of rebelliousness and took of swearing for about 6 months. Heck it was the in thing and all the team mates that I played sports with always used the language and well I was at a make it or break it point and well I caved in to the need to fit in. After a while I realized that I didn't like the way I felt and just up and quit talking like that and have never done it since. It really is amazing the way that you talk and think about yourself, how it influences how you feel. I felt AWFUL and knew I needed to change that. I'm so glad I did because my life could have turned out to be absolutely terrible if I had kept that habit up. So I'm glad that I recognized the need to change and did so. But I often felt alone during this time in my life but luckily I made friends in my stake that I was able to connect with and offered me the chance to do some wholesome kinds of activities and really be able to have fun. It's a shame that I wasn't the proud owner of some camera back in the day, because I don't have pictures from my youth really -- that I'm aware of. I'll soon discover if any really exist by way of my mother when I go back home to visit in two weeks. But I think the only evidence of my youth days exists only in the yearbooks that were purchased for me those years that I went to school there. I need to locate all of those to. But, despite all this, I can relate to some of the thoughts and comments that my daughters are beginning to make because I experienced some of them as well. I only hope that as a family we can encourage our children to the right thing for the right reason even if they don't want to. It'll be a tough challenge but one well worth it when everything turns out to be in our favor.

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  1. I am soooo scared for my children's teenage years!
    Too funny about your daughter's comment. Liah and Emily both came home from school announcing the new president. REALLY?? I never would have known otherwise!


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