While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Sleep -- HIGHLY OVERRATED!!! Look at me I don't get very much at night and I can function okay. (FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES) It's really hard getting enough rest when children are the reason you aren't getting it!!! Lately my little guy is the reason I'm not getting any sleep and therefore I don't have my evenings either!!! I so miss that wind down time!! So I really need some down time, but how on Earth am I supposed to get it, when I don't feel good either. All I need to keep in mind is that someday they will be saying these same things while I am peacefully sleeping all night. What sweet revenge that will be. Well sort of.

Mounds --- Not as in the chocolate bar, but as in the MOUNDS of Laundry I have waiting for me to finally fold them and put them away, but because I have a clingy child that seriously throws a fit when I'm not paying any attention to him, kind of like now, he just whines and wants to be in my lap or laying on it. I somehow have just enough time to wash a load switch to the dryer and when completed can transport it to the sofa where unfortunately it might be for a few days. SAD!! I KNOW!! So everyone who thinks "How does she do it??" I try not to sweat the small stuff but now that the laundry has become a MOUND of STUFF instead of SMALL STUFF it requires my attention. So that's my goal for today when I finally express all my thoughts.

Reading ---- I LOVE TO!!! The only thing I hate is running into books that the world claims are good, and once starting into them discover they aren't what makes me feel good. So now I'm out to find another book to read so maybe I'm going to check into Heaven Scent by Rachel Talley this lady visited my blog and left a comment and WOW!! What inspiration she is. I love meeting these great MOMS and WOMEN!!! She is the mother of 10 children !! And she looks AMAZING!!! So she is also an Author and this is her new book. Sounds like a good read to me.

Babies ---- My sister in law had her baby on Nov. 5th, ( 2008) a little baby girl, who is said to have red hair like the father. I haven't been able to see her yet because I have SICK boys and don't want to expose the baby to these awful illness. But I am anxious for when I get to see her. A friend in my ward also had her baby this week and they have followed our pattern so far. We had three girls and they just had their third daughter. And she always dresses her girls so cute. And they have a great family. Which brings me to the fact that I really love babies!!! They are so cute, and curious, they experiment with their faces, their hands and feet. They always have such cute feet, and the eyes!!! Who doesn't love looking into the eyes of a new baby straight from Heaven!!! What peace often feels my soul when I get the pleasure to hold a new little child.

Chocolate Chip Cookie DOUGH!!! Has to be the best stuff ever invented!!! The cookies aren't so bad either but the dough, YUM!!! Okay call me weird if you must but it's that kind of stuff that makes me have hope of making it through another challenging day with a high maintenance child. I guess as far as it goes I can be glad that this little guy is just full of PURE LOVE for me, and just feels comfortable enough with me, to want to be with me. I think I've thought about this all wrong from the beginning because now I can see a different perspective, but not to say that it isn't hard, because it IS!!! But the cookie dough seems to smooth over the rough edges of my day.

REPLACEMENTS ---- Well, my vacuum cleaner died -- it should have been tossed 3 - 4 years ago but we just held onto it because we are cheap. But now we don't have one, and I have to sweep my carpet to clean up the crumbs that mysteriously find their way onto the floor, and seem to cover it like a layer of icing. My telephone is awful too!! On our end it is full of static all the time and no amount of switching the channels seems to help lessen that problem. Luckily listeners on the other end, don't hear the problems we do, but it can become obnoxious when we have to keep asking what did you say???

Adult Interaction -- Who needs it?? I don't. NOT!!! I need time with adults at the end of the day and somehow my husband doesn't want to fill that need, so now I'm forced to seek out events and activities where I can get some TALK time in and hear more than the daily ramblings of two little boys that are with me nearly 24/7. I enjoy the time I get with interacting with my peers, and the friendships that can be further developed through engaging in wholesome conversations, and activities.


  1. Amen to all of it. I have mounds, not enough sleep, need replacements of many kinds, love to read, have a new nephew and need adult interaction. Thank goodness for date night and sister-in-laws!

    I just found you by looking at my followers. Perhaps I should do that more often ehy?

    It's nice to meet you and I think your other blog is a VERY cute idea!

  2. I know what you mean about Adult interaction. After all day with my kids, I really would like to talk to someone that doesn't ask me why after everything I say. And someone I don't have to ask to stop hitting people every 5 seconds. That's why I love blogging, and why I love comments on my blog. :)

  3. Laundry, ugh. New babies = bliss, except when they = no sleep. But usually it's good.


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