While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, November 17, 2008

That's not on the agenda for today.

I've been contemplating this for a while. I always wonder how my day is going to turn out and as it happens find myself saying " That's not on the agenda for today."

What on Earth might I be referring to??

Well where do I start? Maybe at the beginning -- that's always a great place to start.

First of all --- I'm so not a morning person, never have been and find it hard to be when I am supposed to be one. So that said, each day is started off already on the wrong foot because I'm not a morning person. So I wake up not as early as Good Moms do, you know the kind I'm talking about -- those ladies who have everything together and a place for everything and they get out of bed at like 5am. They work out, they make a hot breakfast for their family and they wake their kids up and the kids all quickly obey, and get dressed into their clothes that are neatly set out and shoes are easy to find, and there are always socks mated to be worn. They feed the kids and then realize that it is time to leave for school, so that they will arrive at least 10 minutes early. The kids all quickly get into the car and off they go. They never speed, because why would they need to, they are always 10 minutes early. They have the intellectual conversations about what's going on in the world, and about global warming, and such junk like that. The papers that have needed to be signed and turned back in our dilligently done the night before and placed in the back packs that, every child remembers to take every morning.

STOP !!! WAIT!!!! I want to make sure that you know I'M NOT THIS WOMAN!!!

For me, the morning typically goes like this --

Most kids are put to bed around 8:30 but fail to fall asleep before 11pm at night. (might have something to do with the fact that they all share a room and feed off each other and talk into the night, and keep each other up all night) With baby boy staying up because he fights his sleep and I'm exhausted trying to figure out how and what to do without feeling like a failure because I can't figure this one out. After several attempts and a few hours it's nearing midnight and he finally falls asleep due to exhaustion. And I follow shortly. So I spend my night trying to get him to go to sleep and can't -- wash any dishes, fold any laundry, read a book, or ANYTHING!!! I'm so SAD!!! I looked forward to this time, and now I don't have it at all!! Hopefully this won't last forever. Then baby boy wakes up a few times during the night comes running into my room screaming and crying and wanting to be with mommy. That's fine, I'm too tired to get up and deal with him, so I let him lay beside me for tonight. I'm sandwiched between the baby, and the DH -- I don't reccomend it if you like to have your space some of the time. But it does make for good snuggling in the morning.

** Oh wait I was supposed to discuss how my morning goes: Well after getting little sleep, and not much of it was a deep sleep, I have to wake to get my kids up and ready for school. It's 7:30 and they need to leave in 40 minutes so that they get to school 10 minutes early. They whine and complain, and tell me how they don't feel good, and how tired they are (maybe because they kept each other up all night -- just a guess). So I have to pry them up from their beds, pull the covers off from them, and sometimes even dump water when someone doesn't want to "wake" up. I'm lucky if I've remembered to wash the few clothes that they can wear to school and have them clean. So we're usually pulling out the clothes from the dryer because I remembered to start them late the night before and somewhere when I was awaken in the night threw them into the dryer so that the clothes would be dried. Because I so don't have it together!!! They usually don't have socks ready to wear, because I sometimes miss getting all the socks because they aren't in the laundry basket to be washed and I hate digging around the room and under beds trying to find the dirty critters. I am searching like MAD, minutes before we need to leave trying to find socks, just in time to hear someone say "WHERE ARE MY SHOES??" "WHERE IS MY BELT? IT'S LOST!!"

And then seconds after hearing this -- remember that these kids need to eat food, the cereal never lasts very long, and the fruit gets eaten in just a few days so then I resort to grab a piece of bread and take it with you. At which I get a lot of complaints and then grab RITZ crackers to appease some of the kids. *that doesn't always work though!

As soon as I've found everyone a pair of socks I am just in time to hear two of them SCREAMING at each other, getting mad because of something dumb, and come back to say " I'm sorry that wasn't on the agenda for today, try it again some other time"

So we're running out the door finally and realize that I didn't even dress the baby and the older boy doesn't have shoes on, and put his pants on backwards and wants his blankie which he left inside. So I make a mad dash in the house again, grab the blankie, see a back pack that got left on the floor and realize I didn't sign two pieces of paper and grab those too! Run back outside jump in the van, and realize once again, that the older boy isn't buckled in his seat, so I open the door run around the car and put his staps on and buckle him in. Run around the front of the car back to the driver seat jump in and close my door. Off we go, by now we'll be lucky if we can make it before the bell rings.

Mind you I haven't gotten a shower probably forgot to brush my hair, and still have my bed head, (WHICH IS BAD!! VERY SCARY!) Heck sometimes, I'm not completely dressed, like certain underclothing which adds some support to my upper region might not make it on in time to make the trip to the school. So then I just throw on big sweatshirts and go. So needless to say I'm a SCARY SIGHT TO BEHOLD!!

I'm trying my hardest not to speed, and everytime I see a police car, get FREAKED out. Luckily I don't see the lights come on, but sometimes they have and the timing was just so -- so that I thought they were after me, and then they speed on past me. Whew!!

I finally pull up to the school to let the girls out of the car, and then have my youngest decide to have a REALLY BAD DAY and then just cry at the car, which makes me sad, but know that she needs to be at school that day and then looking as bad as I do, but trying to be a good mom, get out of my car, leaving it in the front of the school and walk inside with her to her class. She still is sad, and sees her teacher and finally decides to go in because it's okay. But sometimes she still has issues. But we'll talk about those later. I get back home, and proceed to eat something, and settle issues between my boys, try to get in a shower or bath, and then try to start the daily chores.

Everyday is like a circus act in my house, and I'm the Ring Master or rather my husband might be. Who knows??? I have hope restored when I hear other more mature mothers (Meaning their kids are beyond this stage at which I am at) say that they won't be like this very long. I pray every night that I won't do anything rash that will inflict harm on any of them, when I'm inpatient, tired, hungry, sick, hurt, or whatever the case might be. As long as I can keep them alive till then, I might not have too many of these "that's not on the agenda for today" moments.

So I know that I must be the only Mom, who ever has a bad morning with kids that don't want to co-operate and do as they are supposed to. To you moms, I wish I could be more like you and have my act more together but I guess that is what one of my weaknesses are because I seriously have issues with this and don't really see any way out of it anytime soon. But I hope in the dismal days of winter that Sunshine will come through and light the way to beat this weakness.

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