While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Ramblings

So once again it's Friday, and I have things on my mind.

Kids and Clean Rooms -- Yes, it can happen!!! And how do I know this??? Well, if the room is clean just ban the kids from being in or using the room. Simple. Yes. Doable -- NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! I just find that I get completely stressed, frustrated and WORN out from trying to get them to clean up after themselves, it's a complete battle. But I've realized that if I lure them with the chance of watching a MOVIE for FRIDAY MOVIE NIGHT, they are more likely to behave and tidy up their room. Now I'm on to the rest of the house. I think the whole key for me is to get to the point where I have extremely less STUFF, and then I won't hate trying to clean things. SOMEDAY!!! I STILL HAVE HOPE!!!

Homework Projects --- PROCRASTINATION IS AWFUL!!! Sleeping Beauty just learned this lesson last night -- I HOPE!! She has well over a month and a half to read a leveled book for her book report that was due today. She hadn't finished the last few chapters as of yesturday after dinner and well, we both went to bed late and neither one wanted to get up EASY this morning. So I hope she is motivated to read her book well in advance for the next report. Because I'm getting too OLD to do these late nights very often, especially if it's because of a project like that. Now I can totally lose sleep over a good book, that's not hard at all.

TRIPS -- As in ROAD TRIPS!!! We're going on another one NEXT WEEK !!! We'll be gone for 5 days but be driving one day there and then spend three days visiting and driving one day back home. It'll be FUN!!! But all the preparations to get ready ahead of time are INSANE!!! I'm trying to my hardest to have the house CLEANED before we go so when we come home it's HEAVEN!!! We'll see how successful I am in the next few days. Which is why I haven't posted anything really this week. I've been busy trying to ignore the computer and CLEAN MY HOUSE. I've been doing laundry like crazy because it was in boxes that were supposed to make their home in the cellar but the kids decided to make the home all over the bedroom for the last several months, getting stepped on and messed up , and now I'm trying to PURGE the JUNK!!!

Christmas Presents --- we're going meager this year, and home-made is going to be fun. Not only do you put time into it, but also thought, and love in putting together these things. So for family who is reading this ---- WE LOVE YOU, and I'm having fun trying to come up with gifts that don't cost a lot at all but will hopefully have some great meaning to you. I really think that is the way to go. Christmas has become TOO commercialized and last year gave me the perfect start to doing simple, more thoughtful Christmas gifts. GOODIES always work for ME!!! So if you've been wanting to do something, CHOCOLATE WORKS!!! As I'm sure it will throughout my life.

LOAN FOR MY VAN !!!! IS FINALLY PAID OFF!! WE DON'T have anymore car payments. We've now been able to pay off two vehicles successfully. Next time I buy a car, I hope we can buy it outright and not have to make payments on it. Who knows??? Or at least pay a bigger down payment on it. But we hope our two vehicles will last until we're in a posistion to get a better more updated one. But for now We're HAPPY!!!


  1. Hooray for the paid off van! (someday...)
    Ah, clean kid rooms. What would that be like? I read someone's idea that she helps her daughter clean her room, and the daughter help by washing cabinets and stuff with a spray bottle. Hmm. Maybe I'll have to try it.
    I agree. Christmas is WAY too commercialized. Cheap and thoughtful is the way to go.
    So are you going to CA? We're going next month and I can't wait!

  2. Yeah Amy, I'm going to CA! I'll get to see LORIE!! So I'm excited about that. And your Mom, is making a wedding cake for my sister who is getting married. It'll be a nice little change from being in UTAH!! But it's only been three months since we took our Summer vacation to West Virginia. I'd better watch it or I might like this traveling thing TOO much.

  3. Yay for paying off the can!!! That's awesome!!! And good for you, ignoring the computer and trying to get ahead in housework. I'm not always successful at that. It's just too easy to sit down and just check ONE blog, then before you know it, 2 hours have gone by.

    So good luck on getting your home clean before you leave. Nothing diminishes the high of a vacation like coming home to a dirty house.

  4. Yes, you can indeed have kids rooms clean all at the same time -- it's called have DH take them away for 10 days!

    Congrats on paying off your van and I hope your Christmas is wonderful.


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