While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Checklist

For the last five days this has been my checklist to be sure I didn't leave anything out. Curious?? Well I was too!!

Here is the checklist of things to do while in California this last week - or rather for three days, and spending two days traveling - one there and one day home.

  • Keep Sleeping Beauty home from school on Monday and take her to the doctor. (CHECK)
  • Have a Strep test come back positive for Sleeping Beauty ( CHECK)
  • Have Little Monster whine and cry on the entire trip unless I lean back between the two front seats and hold his hand so that he won't cry. ( CHECK)
  • Have T-Man hollar numerous times that he wants to go home while we drive and then make sure he says it repeatedly on the trip. (CHECK)
  • Make four pink skirts while on the trip before the wedding on Saturday. (CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK)
  • Have Sunshine laying on the couch with a fever and throwing up the first day we're there, and not get to have any sort of fun. (CHECK)
  • Have Sunshine resemble similar symtoms to Sleeping Beauty and then call the DR. in Utah while visiting California to call in a prescription. (CHECK)
  • Have Little Monster not sleep during the night so that I don't sleep longer than an hour and half at any given time. (CHECK)
  • Attend the wedding on Saturday (Check)
  • Help clean-up and have fun dancing to ICE ICE BABY (Check)
  • Go to a few stores before Sunday to buy food for the trip home and gas up van. (Check)
  • Experience seeing a family member totally wasted/drunk. *CHECK*
  • Have Smartie Pants throw up the last night we're there. After I witness the effects of alcohol on a family member who has a little LOT to drink. (CHECK)
  • Have Little Monster run a fevor on the last night we're there and really not sleep all night long. (Check)
  • Start to feel sick on the day to drive home (CHECK)
  • Once back home on Monday take T-man to the doctor for an infection on his hand and find out that not only does he have that but strep as well. And leave the office with prescriptions for 4 PEOPLE, and I count as one of them. (CHECK)

So as you can tell I think I accomplished my to do list for my trip.

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