While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Ramblings

I'm still alive and still here, just extremely BUSY!!!! Check back in next week for all the fun and excitement that has been going on around here.

But in the meantime my ramblings for this week.

Candy Corns -- I just discovered that they make Caramel Apple Candy corns and they are so GOOD!! I also discovered the caramel apple taffy too!!! Where have these been all these years. Well I'm glad I found them now and hope I can find them in the future too!!

Halloween Party --- I threw one for my kids yesterday (kind of why I've been really BUSY) but it was fun, and really just a lame excuse to invite friends over to PLAY!! We fed them dinner and had a "Halloween candy hunt".

Costumes --- I made two new ones this year and really had a great learning experience with them. Pictures to come later. But I'm really wanting to dress up but didn't really prepare so we'll see what happens. I thought going MIB but that just seems so BORING now.

A BOOK MY FRIEND HAS LENT ME: I love this book so far, and just reading it the first few pages has helped me in my relationship -- or so I'd like to think. The name of the book? The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. Great Book!! I know you all have the perfect relationship with your husband going on but this helped me to open my eyes and to adjust my attitude in just a few short pages. I am selfish and just never wanted to admit it, but now with the help of this book, I've been able to realize that, and from here I just go forward.

Foreheads -- MINE IS UGLY!!! What will I ever do about it ?? I'm going back to an old look that I haven't done for several years --- hmmmm????


  1. I love that book! It really does cange your perspective on things and how you can help to make your relationship better by seeing what your partner needs instead. Great read!! I cant wait to see your halloween pics! My kids had a blast this year!

  2. How funny! A Halloween Candy hunt? What a fun idea. Maybe have them use a stocking to fill, and you can just cover all holidays in one. j/k. What a fun idea! p.s. I did a giveaway on my blog and you missed it!

  3. Hey, glad your Halloween Party went well. Isn't it fun to "treat" the kids to such festivities?

    And what's with the comment about your forehead? Be grateful you have one--some people hardly have a forehead.

    As for me, my chin drives me nuts. I don't like it when I laugh or in profile pictures. Oh well!

  4. So adorable -- you get the fun mom award for throwing a party!

  5. What a fun party. A candy hunt probably kept them busy for a while :)

  6. What a fun party. A candy hunt probably kept them busy for a while :)


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