While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, August 30, 2008



and it came to pass that while,
I was thinking in my head, I'm not going to kiss this guy ( because I don't know if I'm going to marry him or not) and simply for the fact that well, lets just say I'd had my share of kisses or rather more than my share of kisses already and I didn't want to just "kiss to kiss". So we're looking into each other's eyes, and I've got butterflies jumping around in my stomach, I'm swaying back and forth and really kind of nervous, because let's face it this was just an AWKWARD time for ME!! But I clearly remember looking up and all I could see was this little nub from the branch above his head that looked like it was going to stab him, if he jumped up at all. I looked into his eyes and all I could see was a spark of love and concern for me, and it's as if our inner spirits reached out and connected with one another because all of the sudden I didn't feel nervous , AND THEN HE KISSED ME!!! OR I KISSED HIM !! OR WE KISSED EACH OTHER!! Who cares, the point is that was our first kiss!! And of course, it was dark outside, but hadn't quite reached curfew time, but it was CLOSE like within minutes. So my manager comes out of the house and asks, " WENDY?? DO YOU NEED A LATE PASS??" In this very annoying voice that really bothered me, So, I replied, " NO, I'm coming in " We kissed again, and then we separated for the night. I couldn't think of anything else and just felt really quite elated!! I was in a state of complete happiness and went to bed with sweet dreams. WHO WOULDN'T after something like that? We eventually swapped "blankets" so he used mine, and I used his, and I even had a sweatshirt that was his, because while I was over visiting him it got cold and I didn't have anything with me, so he kindly let me hold onto it, and it's still hanging up in my closet. I loved the way it smelled like him, and until we were able to get married that was the comfort I had at night to help me feel like he was near. We took long walks at night hand in hand and talked about our futures together and of course, we kissed, more than once but one night I told him that I didn't think we could go for more than five minutes without kissing each other because, that seemed to be the only thing he ever wanted to do when I was around. So while we were dancing in the living room of his house, we turned that five minutes into at least 30 minutes and we both knew that we were PERFECT for each other and that we would be there to help each other through all the rough moments in our life and that we'd be there to celebrate all the GREAT moments that would come into our life. We've now been married for 10 years and have created 5 beautiful children and are ENJOYING everyday of our lives together. All I can say is when it's right, IT'S RIGHT!! And we just have to have the faith to go and do what we know to be correct and true. We had our first kiss on May 16Th/17Th ( we didn't really write it down so I think it was the 17Th, and I think he says it's the 16Th) but at any rate we had our first of many kisses then and we were married on the 24Th of June. 100 days later!! We couldn't be more of a perfect fit for each other. But we as individuals are no where close to perfect. But together and with God -- all things are possible. So even though life hands of situations that hurt us and make us 'vulnerable' to certain feelings, those events help make us strong, and really help us prepare for the "real" thing.
We took this picture of the house this last December when we went to Rexburg for the Temple open house and of course it was winter but that Tree right there, is where we shared our first KISS!! And every time we go to Rexburg we are always sure to go back and visit it.

Here is a shot of the house from the other side. That window up on the top towards the back of the house was the window to the bedroom I slept in.

I loved my days in college. I may not have done well academically, but I did learn a lot about myself, about life, and the things that I am here to accomplish. I really gained my testimony while I was at Ricks - I always kind of just "KNEW" that it was right and while I was there I had it confirmed and haven't thought twice about the truthfulness of this gospel since then. This life seems to hand us difficult blows, but I firmly believe that if we keep faithful and believe that our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us, that all things will work out in the end. It's hard to go through those trials while in the midst of them, but all the experience that you gain from it, and the insights that you pull from it will help us to become stronger people. I often wrote in my journal some cheesy lines like " when will my prince charming come to rescue me?" and well I wanted things to happen sooner than they did, but as I was patient and enduring what I thought was "unbearable" -- my Prince entered my life and am I ever thankful that we were brought together. Because as my husband and I have often talked about it, no one could put up with my "crap" as much he does, and no one would want to put up with the way he is as well as I do. We have a LOVE that binds us together and we've worked through some rough spots and have come out on top. These emotions that we go through, don't make life easier really, but they do make it feel so much better when they do go the right ways. So I'm glad that my husband loves me, and often reassures me of that when I start to feel down about life in general. He really does complete me, and I feel lost when we have to be apart for very long. I sit back these days and feel really blessed to know that we are HAPPY!! I have siblings that are having rough times in life because of choices that they've made and ... well I just hope that someday that they can have what my husband and I have. A life full of Happiness. ( of course, it isn't that way all the time, because kids make life difficult, bills make life depressing sometimes, and illness affects us, but on the whole we are HAPPY! because we know what we can be a part of after this life.)


  1. Awww...Wendy I miss college life! It was a blast! That was a great love story. Maybe someday I will tell mine, but I dont know if I am as good of a storyteller as you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, well I could tell yours but it wouldn't be all that long. LOL!! (because I don't really know all the details of course!)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, and the pictures (holy cow, what memories that house has!) I enjoyed reading how you two met, all the inside info :)


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