While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, August 31, 2008


One of the cutest things Heidi said when she saw the desks, " I GET MY OWN DESK?" She seriously didn't know that she would get her own desk because in Kindergarten last year they just used big tables that about five kids would sit around and share. She did a lot better this year on her first day compared to last year.
Her very own desk with her own name tag and everything. She's growing up in front of my eyes and I can't even believe it.
Katherine is just so darn cute for just about any picture that she's in. Here she is on her first day of 3rd grade. My girls feel really special because they got to buy their backpacks in West Virginia while we were there. So they can feel like no one else around here will have the SAME backpack, so far I haven't heard whether they have seen any or not.
Already jumping right into the work!! Keep her BUSY!! I hope she doesn't get bored this year. And that she stays on top of her homework and doesn't slack.
Here are all three -- Kaylee of course, looks so nervous!! I'm not quite sure why. But she's loving school now!! They wouldn't stand still after this first "lousy" picture. So I couldn't get another one where they were all well seen, and not hiding in shadows. Poor Heidi was distracted by something else, and wouldn't even look. Oh well.

First Day of School: Poor Kaylee actually has a mouthful of MISSING teeth!! She was slow in losing them so now she's one of the few that actually has a huge GAP in her smile.

She was "embarrassed" I think, because I stepped into the classroom for a few quick minutes to take a few pictures. Of course, I know nothing about "lighting, or ..... any of the other Photography skills" so all my pictures come at you totally BARE and AMATEUR although some day I hope to remedy that by taking on some new "SKILLS" -- as Napoleon Dynamite would say.

My life seems more "enjoyable" for the most part with the girls at school again, but then again, I still have two ornery boys to take care of still at home. Boy are they BUSY, FIESTY, and PLAYFUL, and LOVING when they want to be. I hope they all do well with their classes this year.

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  1. You girls are so sweet...and grown up! And sounds like we're enjoying the same kind of "home life" with crazy boys. =D Gotta love 'em! And it's nice that they have each other play with.


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