While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, March 10, 2008

What's in an IDENTITY Anyways???

This afternoon I sat pondering on the thought of what it is that makes our "identies". So yes I do have a drivers license that says I'm Wendy Randolph and I was born on this day in this city of this year. I have my birth certificate that verifies that, I have bills that come to my address and have my name on them or my husbands, but I don't think these documents really give me my identy.

So I then thought about what it is that makes me who I am: and these are some things that I found to be true:

1. I have never been and probably never will be a MORNING person. ( well at least not an EARLY morning person) Yes I get up, and get myself somewhat presentable with the shower being optional every other day - depending on what I'm doing maybe a couple of days in between. But I get the kids out the door and get them to school and then I proceed to do some kind of errands while I'm already out. But I don't think well, I don't function well and I really don't start coming to life until right around 10 or so in the A.M.

2. I grew up in a very UGLY town, and very poor with members. I went to a school that was small and if it had been any smaller I just might have had the "little house on the prarie - one room school experience" But I did manage to graduate with a title of "cosalutatorian " fancy way of saying that I was #2 in my class and shared it with someone else.

3. I love to be active with sports!!! Since it's been a while that I've been involved with these on a nearly everyday basis it takes me a while to "warm up to it and get started again" but once I'm involved I LOVE IT!!!! I love to play Volleyball, BASKETBALL and I even like to attempt softball. I love to watch FOOTBALL and I even played on a flag-football team in high school and that was fun too!!

4. I've always enjoyed taking pictures of special occasions and even some not so special -- I just like to preserve those memories with not only words but photographs as well. I'm not that good and I really don't know what I'm doing but it's one of those things I'd like to develop further.

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