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~Angela Schwindt

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm up for a FREEBIE!!

While I was in the store shopping the other night I was looking for our "BRAND" of Toilet Paper -- that we like to buy. It seems that the kind we like to buy is hit or miss for being carried at Wal*Mart. I hate the fact that I can't get the same kind every time I go shopping. And it doesn't help that I've never seen this brand of Toilet Paper at any other stores -- so I can't just go and buy it there either.

I've never imagined that I would ever have such a hard time on deciding what toilet paper I want to buy. I've tried a bunch out there and some just don't tear on their perforations very well and some, leave a huge pile of lint build-up on our countertop. So imagine wiping with a toilet paper that leaves a bunch of "lint" substance on your most private spots of your body. GROSS!!! Some toilet paper is just way to THIN!!! Being a woman, I can't just use "3 squares" to finish my business!! And I don't like my fingers breaking through when I'm trying to take care of business. Some toilet papers, are two ply, which most of the time I like. But when the two layers start separating and don't seem to be lined up together, so that when you tear it they both tear along the perforation. So now I've got a toilet paper roll with two layers messing up my DAY!!!

As if this isn't enough already, we use toilet paper as a back-up to "oops, I ran out of tissue" and need something to wipe my already non-stop dripping nose. And there again, some tissues are better than others when using them to wipe your nose!! I also have children that use toilet paper and no matter what they are taking care of, they always seem to use more toilet paper than I do for my absolute worst moments. So we go through a roll of toilet paper REALLY FAST!!!

My complaint comes because this one brand of TOILET PAPER that I found to solve all of our "PROBLEMS" regarding the subject is never available when I need it. So now that I found my solution, no other toilet paper is going to live up to my expectations anymore.

Well, I guess I can be grateful that I don't have to use a wadded up piece of newspaper or magazine or worse yet leaves!!! Hopefully in the future I can find out where I can buy this toilet paper from!!

So you are probably wondering what the heck I'm referring to, so I guess I'll mention it to you if you really want to know --- it called TEMPO.

Okay so I found an article explaining why I can't find it anymore. It seems to be that it was just a "BETA" test to consumers to see how they liked it, according to the link above it said that it was the "new charmin" at a cheaper price by good quality. Once I found this out -- I got really bummed!! I sure hope that they make it a permanent product SOON!!! Otherwise I'm going to go crazy trying to find another one just as good!!

Does anyone else find this as much an issue as I do?? Meaning that not all toilet paper is the same. I try to guage what I buy on how much $$ and the quality of the paper. But I have found with some products that if you simply call their 800 numbers on the back and let them know how you like it that they will usually offer to send you a "COUPON" for your next purchase. Not bad --- I called a few times on a type of toilet paper and I didn't really like it that much to want to BUY it again but I was willing to let them send me a coupon so that I could use or try it again on them. I'm always up for a freebie -- even if I didn't like it that much!! (UNLESS It is FOOD!) I won't eat the same food twice if I really didn't like it the first time I have it.

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