While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Inspector Gadget Morning

Today was one of those days that so much happened that I just didn't want to forget the events that took place. It's a Sunday and we have church at 9am -- 8:45 came around and I hadn't yet brushed out my hair, and the baby was in the high chair eating a banana and he wasn't dressed either. So I sent Chris ahead with Kaylee and Katherine and then I would join up with them later. I had Heidi, Thomas, Ethan and myself to get finished and get to church. Heidi needed her "sweater" and Thomas -- well he was ready, and then I dressed Ethan and he was ready, I had to go put my shoes on and brush out my hair. As I was brushing out my hair, Thomas hollared to GO POTTY!!! So I went and put him on the potty. He was there for a few minutes and then I finished brushing out my hair.

Finally we were ready to leave our house the time is now 9:15am -- I go outside and put the kids into the car, and then realize that the front windshield was iced over and I had failed to replace the broken ice scraper in my car, so now my window was in need of being scraped and I didn't have the proper tool to do that. So now I can't see very well out the window but if I wait for it to be totally clear, I wouldn't make it to church anytime soon, so doing something I know should have been avoided, I drove with my windows slightly iced over and bent and squirmed in my seat to see through the tiny clear spot that was on the windshield. So I drove the few blocks over to the church with the windshield that way. I made it there safe, but once I got my children out of the car we headed for the closest door, but NO SUCH LUCK, that door was locked. So we had to walk around the side of the building to the other door. We went in to the building sat down, and enjoyed our meeting.

After sacrament was over we decided that the boys should go back home with Chris and I helped him take the carseat out with Ethan and helped buckle the boys into his car. And sent home the diaper bag too!! After church was over, I remembered that I put the van key in my diaper bag that was now at home with my husband. So I told the girls that we needed to walk home, because of what had happened.

Only when we walked out, I about gagged on the smell, it was somewhat smokey and smelled really bad. So we walked the block and discovered that someone's home was on fire, and that there were firetrucks around and blocked the street off for a few blocks. They had a fire hose out that was actually hooked up to a fire-hydrant, (hopefully no-one was hurt) . So I got home and let my husband know what was going on, and that I needed to go back to the church so I get the van and drive it back home.

It was just one of those morning where everything was going quite opposite the way I had planned. It seems that every morning is this way despite my best efforts to prevent the "problems" whatever they might be. I think I refer to this as the "Inspector Gadget Morning" it always seemed that things were going awry with and for him all the time, but somehow it worked out that his problems were usually solved and fixed. Well, that is how I felt today I had one of those "Inspector Gadget Mornings" that I'm sure won't be the last.


  1. What a day! And how come stuff like that happens on Sundays more than any other day? We had a rough Sunday, too, but it was the actual time at church that was rough, not so much before. Thank goodness it's over and spring is arriving!

  2. What a crazy sunday!!! Hey but you made it through, that is the good thing! Sorry!


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