While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, March 10, 2008

What if it's UGLY??

Just last night Kaylee was asking Chris if he had his "stuff" ready for work. Chris being confused by the question asked her what she meant by "stuff". She came back with " Your clothes, do you know what you are using for work?"

Chris said that he just takes his shower and then pulls something out of the closet. She said, " But what if it's an UGLY shirt?!" He said, " well that's the good thing when you are an adult you don't really care if it's ugly or not you just care wather it has stains or not."

So I thought : That sure is the truth !!! Now that I'm a mom, there are things that have changed since becoming one.

I used to always want to wear "white shirts and even white shorts or pants" now that I have kids all my white things usually have "stains" on them. So they rarely get worn anymore.

I used to care about how much time I spent on my hair and now that I rarely have time to do anything "Fabulous" I brush it out and throw it back into a ponytail.

I used to have a clean house when it was just Chris and I and our few things. Now that I have kids ( 5 to be EXACT!!) My house is rarely clean!! Sad thing to admit but -- it's true!! And I try to have it "picked up" but when illness and sickness have plagued me or my kids even less gets done. One day though .....

I used to be more involved with "weight-lifting" and working out!! I used to play sports all the time and now that I have kids I still get to play once a week with the women in the stake. Although I haven't been able to for the last 3 weeks or so. It sure feels good when I get to.

I used to enjoy cooking!! But now that I have kids --picky ones most of the time, the foods that I once enjoyed to make rarely get made anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm a short order cook. But we've tried to put an end to that by saying that if you don't like what "MOM" made then you can find something to make yourself, but you clean up your own mess.

I used to have some "SPARE" time where I could scrapbook, reading, playing games, visiting with friends/family, baking and even occasionally time to actually organize parts of my home. Not anymore!!! I do have time to wonder when I'm going to get the next load of laundry folded and when will I have time to make dinner. When I'm using the bathroom I try to read then. And I try and scrapbook even though I love it -- I don't make enough time for it. Hopefully that will change real soon.

I used to go see movies at the dollar theater when I didn't have kids, now even that doesn't happen very often. We're lucky if we rent a "NEW" movie to enjoy once in a while.

I used to only do laundry 1 day a week and only have on average 3 loads of clothes, and then 4 when I washed the "bedding". Now I have about that many loads of clothes to do a DAY!!! It's insane !! I want to tell my kids that they can't wear clothes anymore and that were going to get rid of everything that we have so our "clutter" becomes "uncluttered" -- but really is that a reality?? Probably Not!!

I used to stay on top of "Everything" I have to do: dishes, laundry, cleaning the various rooms, making the bed, making meals, working out, reading scriptures, saying prayers. But now -- I always have the desire but for one reason or another they don't always get done.

I've come to the conclusion that my life was more simple before I had kids and I really didn't have "ugly" clothes to wear, but now the ugly clothes aren't so bad because they are the only things that don't seem to be "stained" because I always tried not to wear them before.

But I wouldn't trade anything I have now for things that I was enjoyed on a daily basis. I know that my children will not always be this young and they won't always prevent me from going to the store but for now I get to go with kids that are whining, begging, running, screaming, hiding and 2 minutes after we leave the bathroom the last one hollers that they have to go so I have to go clear to the other side of the building back to the bathroom, kids hollering for "POPCORN CHICKEN" or "a COOKIE" -- or the "CAN I ... Can I ..... Can I..... I want this .... I want that..... I wish I wish I wish..... my favorite of all being the I don't feel good and and I'm tired and then the baby projectile vomits across the store, and then he's leaking out of his diaper and I forgot an extra outfit and don't have wipes and already used the last diaper earlier in the trip. These days will soon be behind me and I'm afraid that I just might miss this time in their lives because it really makes me FRUSTRATED, but that I also know that they depend on me for EVERYTHING!! I know that they love me and genuinely want to "please" me when I'm at home.

I love my kids, and really try to see something good out of each situation they decide to throw at me everyday. These days of I used to.... will once again become a reality they just are hibernating for now while the children are busy learning and asking lots of questions.

It's amazing how one little comment can provoke such crazy feelings and thoughts.


  1. I absolutely loved reading this post! It is so true all of it, and I only have 3 kids. I can only imagine... Wendy you are a great mom and your kids are lucky to have someone in their life who is willing to put her own life aside temporarily and cater completely to the needs and wants of her 5 eager children. Good on ya!

  2. I didn't know so many people had blogs! This post is great and true to life!


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