While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a DAY!!!

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!! He's the reason that some of these crazy events are somewhat enjoyable. I love him with all my HEART !!!!

So now I'm glad that this weekend is finally over -- okay I'm just glad that Friday & Saturday are over!!

First on Friday I helped watch my three nephews that live in Arizona -- I watched them with my sister in law Amy at her house -- I dropped my kids off and didn't leave her house until my girls got out of school. NO! NO! I didn't watch the kids for that long but since she lives over by where my kids go to school I decided to just stay there after I dropped the girls off. It was fun being with the "boys" seeing how my husbands brother only has "Boys" and three of them!! Ben and Shantil went to the temple and then did a little shopping without the boys. They hardly get that kind of a break in Arizona -- so we decided to help them out.

Josiah is in the background, and Dayton is wearing the green shirt with a couple stripes and the baby is Gentry.

Well since I was there all day my house was in the beginning stages of "GROSS" -- so I wasn't able to wash up the dinner dishes from the previous night so now I was getting behind again. I needed to go buy black shoes for the girls, and found a few bargains!!

On Friday night after Chris got home from work we were going down to Santaquin to help with the preparations for the reception. So I was at the church helping to do some decorating while my girls were playing with a few of their cousins and my husband went to his parents house with our two boys.

This is the background that I helped decorate all the ivy and and some of the red bows and the fabric hanging from the back side -- it was pretty fun putting this all together. This heart is something that my sister in law and I helped "CONSTRUCT" her son, Jacob suggested that we make it into a heart. So each half of this heart is made with a strand of garland with some hollyberries on it. We were kind of happy with the results. And even more surprised when it was still hanging the next day.
This backdrop is part of the other piece but they chose to place this one behind the cake table and I helped hang the red bows on the left and middle.

Nick had his family at the church helping to set up things as well. And Ruth was at her house working on the "chicken salad" that she wanted served at the reception ( for which I cooked the rice) -- So after I finished helping with the decorating it was like 9pm or something like that and I took my girls the few blocks to my in laws and checked out what needed help there. Well the chicken salad needed a lot of attention because Ruth had been cutting up the celery for what seemed like hours. And if you know Ruth -- you know what I'm talking about. So I chopped up the onion and basically took charge of the making of it and just asked Ruth to get the things that I needed. We got home Friday night around 11:00pm.

The wedding was scheduled for 11:40 am on Saturday and that part of the day was going okay!! We dropped off our kids with one of my old room mates and her and her husband watched our five kids ( plus they have four of their own.) So these are the ages of kids that were there:

2 girls 8 years old

1 girl 7 years old

1 girl 6 years old

1 girl 5 years old

2 boys 3 years old

2 boys 10 & 11 months old

All the kids played well!! And Ryan and Esther were happy to help out!! Thanks GUYS!!

We left their house with the kids about 2:45ish and then we came home. The reception was supposed to begin at 6pm !! DING DING DING!!!! RED FLAG ---

Well the food wasn't even at the church by 5:30 so we could help get it ready and out on the tables for the guests -- and the bride and groom weren't there!!

So at any rate and after much running back and forth to the In laws house a few blocks away we finally managed to get some food stuff to the church!! So I was helping in an assembly line making the sandwiches using the chicken salad and another group was working on the fruit and vegetables and then another person was making the punch. If we had the food at the church by 5 pm we could have had it all on the table!! But because we had to go hunt it down, it was late getting on the table. The Bride & Groom were at least 30 minutes late getting there. No one at mom and dad's house was dressed in there tuxes or other required reception attire. The only ones I think that should be excused were Ben and Shantil and their boys. Reason being Shantil was feeling quite ill !! But they did show up towards the end of the reception. The funniest thing is that the photographer was there for about 30 minutes before the couple and couldn't really take any of the pictures --- they wanted to make the best use of his time.


Yes the cake wasn't level. So it isn't the angle of the camera the cake really was "BAD" it tasted great but it looked pretty horrible. My sister in law Amy came in and placed all the red flowers for the cake.
Here's the whole WEDDING PARTY!!! Ruth's side and Nick's side --

I could go on and on, but I'll just leave it at this. We left around 9:30 and skipped out of helping to clean up. I figured I'd put in a lot of time to help with the whole weekend. My time had been served!! I think I'll make a mental note for when my daughters get married that we will have someone come in and decorate and to have the occasion catered. Once we were there and people started showing up Katherine came and asked me if she could take the camera and go take pictures -- I was surprised that they were able to get some good ones and I wasn't the one that had to go around doing all the picture taking.

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