While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And This is My Town

I thought I'd try and take you on a tour of where I grew up. I got most of these pictures from the internet -- but the next time I go back to visit my parents I'll be sure and get pictures that are more what I want.

At any rate this used to be a movie theatre -- I remember going into this building a few times, but of course, I can't recall what movies we watched. I don't think it functions as a theater anymore and hasn't for several years, at least the last 20 - 25 years.
Typical scenes in Trona -- broken down cars, thrashed houses, lots of vandalism. Looks pretty cruddy.

The place for which Trona is known for -- The TRONA PINNACLES! !!! As you leave town and drive around the corner at the far end of the valley you can see this image. A lot of movies have been filmed out here, I'll try and gather a list sometime.

This is on the south end of the valley out towards the Pinnacles looking back towards the place where I grew up.

The white building in this picture is just about 2 minutes from where I lived. And there again more junk cars. The yellow building of to the left of the picture is the REC Center and they used to do haunted houses in the basement, and hold dinners and dances. But I don't think that they've used it in at least a decade or more. I'll have to check with my parents on that one.
These are the "FISH ROCKS" -- These are along the only road into Trona so you see them everytime you head there. I think I'll try and stop here next time and get pictures with my kids in them. We'll see !!

This is toward the north part of town called Pioneer Point -- The section of town where my grandmother lives. The tank on the top of the hill is just near where she lives down below it and off to the right more.

So needless to say --- It was pretty cruddy!! I don't even enjoy it when I go to visit because it is so UGLY!! I so much enjoy PROVO !!! So for those of you who don't like UTAH!! It can be worse and I had it worse.

I grew up here and played sports in high school. Basketball, Volleyball, Softball -- and I was even a cheerleader for about a year and half. Basketball, was by far, my FAVORITE!!!
I learned how to drive in this town where you never experience a "rush hour", there are not stoplights, and I don't even think they have painted crosswalks. The football team plays on a dirt field, so does the softball and baseball teams. So when the wind would blow -- it was nasty!!! DIRT that was BLACK was flying all over the place and when kids would go outside to play -- well they cam in looking like they rolled in a coal pit.

So I guess I'm basically saying all of this so that I can make sure that I never forget where I grew up but to never return to such a place. And that I can always remember that things can be worse than they are right now. I've enjoyed my life more since I've left that town behind. Of course, it isn't gone and forgotten yet, because my parents still live there. YUCK!! Someday maybe they might move -- but who knows.

So that leads me to this point -- living in the desert I rarely saw snow. I never even learned how to drive in it really. So I was afraid of driving on it when I first moved to Idaho and Utah about 11 years ago !!
I think we've gotten more snow this year then we've had in the last few years. And even if we haven't it sure feels like it, and I love it. Of course, it makes for terrible driving conditions, but I just slow way down and take it easy.

Now you would never guess that I was ever afraid to drive in it -- but when you are put into situations where you are kind of forced to learn better, it's amazing how much fear can leave your body. ALthough I still make sure to drive cautiously.

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