While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh what a crowd !!

Thanksgiving 2007 --- Well we met at my in laws in Santaquin and had the fortunate opportunity to have all of my husbands siblings and spouses their kids and his parents all together for Thanksgiving. It was quite the noise fest but despite the few kids that came down with "fevers" or those that " threw up" the night before -- it turned out really nice.

So we of course took pictures --- the only picture that I realize I didn't take was one of my own family -- so when I can get what my father in law took I'll scan it into my computer and post it in a new post.

Here we have my husbands Childhood family as they now are:

Back (L-R) Dan, Chris, Ben

Middle (L-R) Mary, Dave (My parent in laws)

Front (L-R) Rebecca, Amy, Ruth, Mary Beth

Here we have all the guys in the family ---
Back Row (L-R) Scott, Richard, Jared
Middle ( L - R) Nick, Dave (my father in law)
Front (L - R) Ben, Chris, Dan

Here are all the ladies in the family.

Back Mary Beth, Amy, Rebecca

Middle (L-R) Ruth, Mary (My mother in law)

Front (L - R) Shantil, Wendy (ME)

The Engaged Couple : Nick and Ruth March 2008 is when they are planning on getting married.

A Random Picture of some of the kids -- Two of mine are in the middle --

The Westercamps

The Cox's

The Binkley's

Ben and Shantil's Family

Their kids were not wanting to be in the pictures and Josiah decided to only show his rear. So he's still in the picture but not with his face.

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