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Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baby Shower Bliss !!

So this news is kind of old, but I thought that I'd post a few pics anyway!! My husband has a cousin in Tooele, Utah who is married and expecting their first child!! We're so excited for them. This child is said to be arriving in full boyhood!! Back in September they had a baby shower for her and I took a few pics to especially share with those that couldn't make it!! So enjoy!!
Tabi's sister Miti.
This is Juston's mother, forgive me I don't remember her name.
Here's another group shot looking towards the kitchen but this one happens to have Tabi's mother in it. The lady with the pink and white striped shirt with long dark hair.
This is a bear that Tabi's parents had made for the baby, says a cute little thing like "Grandpa and Grandma love you" or something like that.

Group shot looking towards the kitchen, with some family and friends most of which I don't know. Sorry Juston!!
Isn't this outfit just darling with those little wings!!

A quilt that a family member had made for the new little guy!!
Another blanket that was made for the baby!! I love the frogs!!
In this picture, only because this is the side of the family that I share with Tabi, I can tell you who they are, left to right Mary (Tabi's cousin) Mary (Tabi's Aunt), Dani (Tabi's sister) Rebecca (who is also expecting is Tabi's sister in law)

Group shot from Tabi's upper level Kitchen. Of course I'm not in any of these photos, I should have remembered to have someone else take them also.
Tabi opening up some gifts, and little Isabella (my niece -- Amy's child) looking intently on.
Juston the proud PAPA!! Looking on to see if someone got the 50" HDTV that he'd put on the baby registry. Sorry Juston no such luck -- the baby is going to have to just watch Baby Einstein videos on your current TV.
Tabi showing us the crib that I believe someone on Justons side of the family had given to them as a gift. Juston had just finished painting the room within a week or two of this I believe and it took him all night to set up this beautiful crib with a changing table connected just behind Tabi.
Here's the other side of the room with a lot of gifts for the new little guy!!


  1. Looks like someone is going to have the cutest room ever! I'm so happy for Tabi. We didn't know they were having a boy. That's great news! I'll have to give her a heads up on what to expect, not that her son will be at all like my crazy boys. But you never know, do you?


  2. Yes but the room isn't finished yet either. They're planning on putting up a wall border -- but I can't remember what it was. I feel terrible that I can't remember.


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