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Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Saturday, September 22, 2007

If she only knew sooner !!

I've posted this on my Myspace blog as well.

So a lady I know is currently going through a separation period, possibly a divorce, but is in the process of moving out of her current home with her spouse. She's moving into an apartment that she can afford on her own, she has her own car, and can get her own insurance through her employer. That is great !!! Since she is married her husband has her on his health insurance and he wants to take her off, he lied and told her that he took her off his health insurance and she proceeded to go in and investigate this. The HR department said that he can't take her off since they are married, unless she signs a paper asking to be taken off.

She was in a relationship that seemed to display love and affection, but all too sudden the man failed to return her affection. No matter how much she would arrange her schedule at work to spend time with him, he would do all he could to work an opposite shift, as they both work at the same place of employment. They never had joint bank accounts which is currently now a great blessing for this lady. But the man would have ways of being very manipulative and "con" her into buying things for his car or paying his bills, like back taxes that he hasn't wanted to pay -- but had her take a loan out just to pay these. So this goes on her credit now. Stinks to be her, right?

Poor lady!!! I think everyone close to her could see this happening a lot sooner than she realized that it was. So as she finally decided to leave him, he wanted her to sign the insurance papers at work to remove her from his policy, -- only for her to come back and say, " I'll sign those just as soon as you take the loan ( for his back taxes of about $1400.00) off from my credit!"

You Go Girl!!! She's hurting inside, because he was the first guy that payed any attention to her and she did give him part of her heart. Where I don't think he ever told the truth about anything.

I think it's so sad, that some women have to face this. They might not be the "brightest lightbulb" but they are sweet people, and they care about others, and are generally good. The fact that they are prey for men that are looking for the next innocent victim, is saddening, and downright sickening. I always wonder what it is that I can do for these women, but the best thing I could come up with is to just be there friend, and be there for them.

That's great you say -- but it happens to guys too!! Yes these same kind of things can happen to men as well, so for these men -- that get the unfortunate chance to end up with a woman with the same kind of "bad qualities" -- the best you can do is be there and be there friend.

I realize that some of these people may realize it but don't have the ability to just get away. I don't understand how one human being can be so evil as to manipulate, lie to, and steal money in some cases and just take one's innocence away. So cruel.

So if you were in this situation what possibly could one do?

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