While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cheer Class = Game Time....

So my girls are involved with an after school cheer class this year. They are so excited about it, and the best part is, they only have a school ordered cheer t-shirt with any bottoms that are Red, Blue or White and even Khaki is an option. Which is a good thing since that is one of their school colors they get to wear.

Well last Tuesday just a few days ago, they got to do their first performance. So dang cute, and kind of funny too!! These are girls made up of 4th grade through - 6th graders I believe... not sure, so I'll have to check. But the fact that the girls are all having fun, and trying to help promote school spirit at the 7th & 8th grade volleyball games is fantastic.

And not to mention the trip down memory lane for myself!! I started playing volleyball and basketball while I was in 7th grade and pretty much continued with it until I graduated high school. I love the nostalgia that came with watching these kids play their games. I see all the improper techniques, and the lack of getting three hits on each turn with the ball, the crazy attire, and just the plain silliness that is taking place. But I also saw the Freedom team, (the one my girls cheer for and attend) coming together at the end of a play whether it ended good or bad, and gave each other hi-five's. I didn't see them not liking the actions of another team mate because they messed up, or completely missed the ball, or went to bump the ball and watch it fly through the sky with such speed and height that it not only went over the net but smacked the back wall, or see the guy that was really tall, and somewhat still awkward while going through a growing phase try to tip the ball to the other side but while doing so end up in the net, or crossing the middle line and causing the play to be over, and losing their possession of the ball. Or the server who tries to serve overhand but didn't get a good hit and came up short and didn't go over, or when the ball landed in the court right between three players - none of which who attempted to get the ball.

And while noticing these different things this week (because I got to watch another game two days after the first) I had memories flood back into my mind, but they didn't end so pleasantly with the hi-five's at the end from all the team mates.

But as I've been thinking about my life lately and the way that I interact with others and vice versa, I would like to think that this is exactly how we need to be with each other too. It doesn't need to be something that just takes place on a ball court/field or anything of that nature. It often comes down to being offended by something someone else does, or thinking you are better off than someone else, or just plain better then "Joe" or "Sally" next door.

As members of the human race, and taking and breathing each other's "air" ( no matter what it has just been polluted with) we have a right to be kind to everyone, to befriend those who are less fortunate with material things, and those who haven't yet discovered who they are, or why they are here. It's our job to be a team, and say good job to the other even while they might not be at their best, or even know what that best is.

Watching these kids play, and seeing how they interacted with each other was such a vivid reminder of how I need to be more in my life. Not that I'm intentionally mean but there are areas in which I can improve.

And not to mention it felt really weird to be a parent attending one of these games, instead of being the one on the floor playing. I loved playing sports... and hopefully when my kids are all a little older, and don't need the constant help from me, maybe then I can take a stab at it again. Not to mention it's a fun way to stay in shape once you get in shape. And the friendships that are formed is just one of the benefits also.

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