While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lessons learned on Monday.....

Okay so really, who decided to deactivate my flying abilities? Really, I wanna know!


Well mind you it's MONDAY!! Need I say more? Oh, that's not enough?

Well, this morning things were going good, the kids all woke up and got ready for the school day, and I had them all out in the car and ran back into the house to grab a sandwich bag for my dear little Heidi. Why? Well she gets to have a snack at morning recess, and we grabbed a pack of crackers to give the boys, and she wanted to stick some in a bag for her morning snack at school.

Okay so I finally remembered to lock the door and actually pull it shut behind me, and then I take off in a slow trotty run over to the van. WHAM, as everything accelerates towards my face, I realize that I'm in a freefall of some sorts. Then all of a sudden everything came to a quick halt. No more moving, just ....p..a..i..n!!! What did I do? I realize that I was on my stomach, and could only register that my hands were hurting and my right knee. BAD!!

Being like a little kid and not wanting to really see what was causing the pain, I rolled to my back, and commenced the crying that sometimes happens when one gets hurt. Yes, I am a baby. I squeezed my hands in between my legs my knees in the air while my feet were flat on the ground.

Then I heard it, my doors to the van opened, and my girls came running out, asking if I was okay? I was such a baby, that I didn't want to use my hands to push me up from the ground and asked them to help me up. So I had a girl help on each side, and then had someone push me up from the back, while I used my legs to get me up. And mind you the whole time I'm thinking about what happened to the bag, and where was it? I managed to look around right before they did lift me and said, "There's the bag".

Once I was up, and had looked at the damage that was done, I realized that I had scraped up my hands pretty good, and a little scraping on my right arm near the elbow, and then my right knee was also scraped up pretty good. I got up, and was scared to touch anything, and it was a little difficult at first to walk, but managed to get the girls to school.

So I learned a few lessons from this little episode. I don't care if you don't want to know... and if you don't quit reading right now!! I mean it, STOP!!

Okay now for the lessons:

1. Don't try running with sandal shoes on, because you can never tell where the ends of your feet are versus the ends of the shoe, unless, of course, you are wearing shoes that allow your toes to completely hang over the edge and your comfortable with that. I'm not, though.

2. Don't try running on an uneven driveway. Period. Kids fall all the time, and you'd think that, being an adult, you'd be a little more cautious and careful and do a daresay invincible and can do anything. Well I learned I still fall down.

3. If you run back into the house to get just one item, that isn't necessarily vital for the day, but more of a want, you better darn well make sure that you get a Thank you from the person you retrieved it for. If it was yourself that needed/wanted that item, well you might want to rethink next time, and see if it's really worth the work, IF you FALL down again.

4. I'm grateful I have two hands, even if they are scratched up at the moment. Because had my hands not been there to help stop my fall, well I'd hate to think of what my ugly mug would look like after a one on one introduction with the concrete driveway.

5. When you fall down, you need to get up and keep going, no matter how bad you don't want to.

6. When you fall down, you need to get up and keep going, and head straight for the bathtub and soak, and clean the wounds, and then relax for a little bit, and be grateful that you aren't canning salsa, or tomatoes today with all the open wounds on your hands.

7. Just face the fact, that despite all your best abilities, and mind power that you won't ever be able to fly, (on your own at least)

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