While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm just sayin' .....

  • Avoid Little Caesar's Pizza during half time of a BYU game. Even if the game is away from Provo (where they play their home games). Because if you go you'll find yourself waiting 15-20 minutes to get their "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas. But if you have to wait, at least that means you're getting HOT pizzas instead of those that have been in the warmers for who knows how long. You know the kind... they almost have a leather like texture to them, and don't
  • If you are a woman, always be sure and check that the dress you like to occasionally wear, you know the one with all the buttons down the front, yeah that one. Make sure you have a chance to sit in it at home before you head out to church. Because you might just realize that one button is missing right in the middle of it. And feel self conscious the whole time while at church, and find yourself keeping a book, or paper on that spot in case an opening should appear and show off to everyone that your a big dork, and didn't inspect your clothes ahead of time.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you and dear hubby are going to the same destination at the same time, but for whatever reason need to travel in two different cars be courteous to each other and make sure that both vehicles will start. Otherwise whoever got left behind with a non-working car will find him/herself walking the whole two blocks to church causing a major sweat session to come on before you get to church.
  • When starting your dryer make sure that the knob used for choosing your heat setting is set to regular, therefore providing heat to the dryer. Of course, this is probably only applied to a gas dryer, because that's what I'm familiar with, but maybe electric run the same way, I don't know though. Because when you are half asleep and wanting to start the load to dry your unmentionable because you've used the last pair earlier that day and need another pair for in the morning... well if they don't get dry in time, guess you'll either a) have to wear the same ones as the day before with or without getting a shower or b) wear them wet or rather slightly damp and hope you don't find yourself chaffed in the near future.
  • Even though you might have a king sized bed, which would normally entitle you to a lot of space, don't even count on it if you have a spouse that is a total cuddle fan. Meaning the human blanket type that think you are their personal body pillow. So just quit thinking now that you'll ever have your own space on the bed, because ... well the other person doesn't understand your logic, that cuddling when your all "touched" out from a day of holding baby or babies at the hip, and kids clinging to your clothes and lucky the pants fasten at the waist or they'd end up being on the floor rather than on you and the little critters won't care wherever you might be. You know what I'm talking about... and sometimes when the looser clothes like sweat pants or really loose and baggy shorts ... well sometimes that's how they end up. But just remember, the other person doesn't understand you need space... so you'll just have to find another way to obtain it. Good luck...
  • And when making chocolate chip cookies it's okay to let the 2 year old help, a little. But leaving the baking sheet down where he can attack the prepped cookies ready to go into the oven, is really unacceptable. Or maybe it isn't, you can decide. But I'll promise you the little dude will want to eat that cookie dough and he doesn't care rather Mom just got it already and now it's just waiting for it's turn in the hot cubicle otherwise now known as an oven.

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