While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How many people can you fit in my livingroom??

Okay so last Saturday we had a HUGE PARTY!!!
It took place in our backyard.
The occasion well we were celebrating an anniversary.
No not mine!
But for my mother and father in law.
They have been married now for 48 years.
So we decided to hold a gathering in their honor.
Of course, I'm not seen very often without my camera,
so I was taking pictures of lots of people,
and fun stuff going on.
We started in the backyard and finished in the livingroom.
Why the livingroom you ask?
Well because we(Chris and I) put together a video for his parents.
And I think it was well liked.
We showcased pictures from each of them as chilren,
through the teenage years and onto them dating.
Followed by their wedding,
and various pictures of family life since then.
And had invited them over on
Sunday August 16th, (my Heidi's birthday)
and took pictures of them to include in this video.
All of which was a surprise to them.
But they loved it!!
The pictures were set to music,
and we added transistions and effects to some,
and just had a lot of fun.
It really came down to the wire to get the project finished
(meaning getting it burned to a DVD).
I called my friend Eric up and asked for his help,
and sure enough before the party started he
was able to burn us two copies.
Thanks again so much!!
But we also plan on getting more copies made
and getting them to Chris's siblings so they can have copies as well.

So I decided to play with a few of the pictures I took that night and tried my hand at editing.
And how many people can I cram into my livingroom?
You can't see everyone that's in the room
but there were at least 30 in here
and a few others that didn't come in.
It was crowded, but SO MUCH FUN!!!

We sure had lots of fun with everyone over,
but we were extremely tired after they all left,
and couldn't get the kids to sleep fast enough that night.
I may have a small house,
but at least I have a decent sized yard,
and a cozy little home.
And I love BBQ's !!!
Thanks everyone for coming.

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