While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Friday....

Okay so it's Friday once again, time for another Random Friday.

Otter Pops :

Are okay. Not Great, but okay. Why? Because one isn't enough. Am I the only one that finds this a problem? My kids will ask for one and then within in five minutes or less they are asking for a second, third and so on.... I swear they are like the equivalent of a few sips of juice or water or ___________ you fill in the blank.
Although one of my neighbors has something similar to them, but they are Otter pops on steroids. They are like 8 otter pops in one big gigantic thingy-majingy. He shares those with my kids and after one of those the kids are satisfied till the next time. (usually a day or two later). I think further questions are warranted. Time to investigate.

New Experiment:

Blueberry Banana Pancakes!! They ROCK!!! and might roll if you tried. But we experimented Thursday night for dinner and had breakfast (which isn't all that unusual for us) but we made the pancakes with chopped blueberries and mashed bananas mixed together into the batter. They smelled so divine, and my tongue is salivating now just thinking about the sweet goodness of those pancakes, which by the way were cooked to perfection. Because in my house, my kids think I burn everything. So what if it's slightly darker than it should be.... okay, you're right I burned those before, but NOT TONIGHT!! They were golden brown, just like they would be at a restaurant. Yippee for me.

Feeding Ducks:

We've been doing a lot of this recently and I'm finding it a very relaxing activity. And with my new discovery... I've inquired at a local bread thrift store and they sell DUCK BREAD!! Yes, I asked the last time I went to get the "CHEAP" loaves and they were up to .99 cents a loaf... yikes -- just for feeding the ducks, that seemed kind of pricey to me. So I asked the cashier if they had any bread in back that they can't sell anymore, that I could get for feeding ducks. She said, how much do you want? What?? You mean you have something?

They sell it by the grocery sack full. I got six loafs of bread for $1.03 just for feeding ducks. Now talk about a cheap activity. That's great. We still have two of those six loafs left, and we bought them last Saturday. But I'm sure later today we'll use them up. So check with your local bread stores and ask if they have expired bread that you can buy for feeding ducks, if the need arises.

I'm enjoying the digi scrapping so much.... and I'm reading when I'm not doing that. And that's only if I'm not settling little arguments, washing dishes, folding laundry or anything like it. Just kidding.... I don't really do any of the above, I'm trying to make my little people do it for me. And to a point it's working.

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