While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm the Perfect Housewife until ......

Okay so SURPRISE, SURPRISE I have decided to finally post in the middle of the NIGHT!! Because I'm an IDIOT and don't know when I should go to bed.

That's partly the truth, the other part --- I've been working like crazy on my Bedroom. The place has become the home to many things called "homeless". It seriously was a JUNGLE in there. I can now see my floor, I ran my vacuum cleaner (which by the way I couldn't remember where to plug it in so I could clean the floor-- it's been that long) and threw two bags of garbage out.

You know how that accumulates. What?? Am I the only one who has this happen??? Well let me explain: You see I'm the perfect little housewife, until the mail comes in. Especially the days with lots of ADS, and darn bills. Then they get flung onto the desk with no care in the world.

I'm also the perfect housewife until the laundry needs to be done. Because I'm too busy or too tired to do the complete load so I just toss it over to the love seat once it's dried and there it sits obediently collecting wrinkles until I manage to "REMEMBER" to fold it.

And I'm also perfect until it comes to the DISHES!! I almost think I'm in silent rebellion from being a teenager and pre-teen that always had to do the dishes by hand and a lot of the time BY MYSELF. So who really wants to grow up, move out and WANT or LIKE (or my goodness maybe even ENJOY or LOVE) doing dishes by hand when you move into your own?? Well sometimes I do but mostly I DON'T.

But I'm also the perfect housewife until it comes to the bathroom, that doesn't get cleaned for a month or more at a time, yeah sure a toilet scrubbing here and there and especially before someone "non-family" needs to use it. But the sink area --- get real. I like having everything handy and in arms reach away... but maybe we could put the toothpaste up higher... because a nearly 2 year old and 4 year old don't mix well with toothpaste.

But I'm still perfect, right?

I give my kids daily hugs, and kisses, and say I love you to each of them at least once every day. But I also know I have to show TOUGH LOVE in the "mourning" by making them get out of bed, even though they'd rather be sleeping still --- and really I'd like to let them... but my freedom through out the day seems more appealing .... so my methods of getting them to wake up.... (well you'll have to stay tuned for that in another post) . But after waking them up, I don't always have breakfast ready for them to eat -- mainly because I barely rolled out of bed myself, not more than ( well how long does it take to run to the dryer and pull out that days clothes and "toss it onto the Mound building on the Love seat" and then run to the bathroom holding for all your worth to make it there without having an "accident" because all of the sudden your bladder says " I GOTTA GO, gotta go, gotta go R-I-G-H-T N-O-W!!!!!! ---- I think I could be the next spokes person. )

Where was I .... oh yeah, after the bathroom I head to their room and miserably fail trying to get them out of bed FAST. Because remember they would rather be asleep. So I never lose my cool with them, (because I'm the perfect housewife and mom too!) and eventually we get them up, and then we're flying through the house yelling asking where is this, where is that... until all are finally completely dressed. And then I get the "MmmmmOOOOOmmmmmm!!! Where is my ....(fill in the blank) ??? " And I 'm perfect so we always never leave when we're supposed to and get to school early never LATE!!! But before we leave I'm telling them to grab a piece of bread, grab a roll, an apple, bag of cereal (whatever might be available and very portable) because remember now, I have dishes that aren't done, so that means no clean bowls and no clean spoons so cereal is definitely out, and so is anything hot because let's face it I'm the perfect housewife.

Because really before :

  • Mail
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Loving Kids
  • Breakfast
  • Being free of "illness"

I'm the perfect housewife.

And more power to you who are perfect despite my "untils". I'm trying to really enjoy being with my children NOW, because they'll be grown up before too long, and I want to CHERISH them while they are in my home and while I can influence them for GOOD. I don't beat myself up because of the things that "aren't done" (even though I used to) and make me less than perfect. But I try to improve a little each day. My most recent focus "choosing to be Happy " instead of "Naturally GRUMPY" ( a predisposition in my case) so it's extra hard for me!! But I've noticed a change .. not with my kids or family (because they hardly noticed anything different anyway) but with myself .... I found that I wanted to be happy and tried to do things to truly make me happier and I found out that doing some cleaning or organizing here and there really helped. But this too came to a quick MELT DOWN yesterday when little guy decided to not sleep very much at all the night before..... and I woke up in a bad mood --- BAD MISTAKE!!!! It took a few hours to correct my mood. So if I don't consciously make the effort to choose to be happy --- my family and myself will suffer.

So don't get down on yourself if you don't "measure up " to what your idea of PERFECT is, measure up to mine, and you'll feel really good about yourself, and it's a bonus if you get any of the other "tasks" done.

I'm sure I must be the only one that is perfect "until" this..... so tell me how you are the "perfect housewife, mother, sister, grandma, friend until this....." happens....


  1. I, too, am the perfect housewife. I've NEVER had to spend an hour cleaning my bedroom, picking up the clothes, shoes, and bits of trash that accumulate. I've never had more than one sack of trash to take out of my bedroom. I am able to vacuum it every single day.

    I clean the toilets regularly. I NEVER wait till non-family members come.

    I mop regularly. I NEVER wait till the guy who helped us lay our tile comes over. I know that he'll look at the tile, so I keep it clean ALL so that I don't have to hurry and mop before he comes over.

    I've NEVER made pancakes for breakfast just because we're out of bowls and spoons.

    I'm so glad we can be perfect together!!! ;)

  2. Thanks for the reminder that we can all be perfect . . . until. LOL.

  3. Oh, thank goodness I'm not the only one! I thought that it was just because we live in this dinky single-wide, but the truth is...do I dare admit it?....I hate to clean.

    Seriously, I need a maid. That gives me a topic for a blog.



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