While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, March 9, 2009

I thought you'd never ask....

- Available: Do I have to be?? Depends on what you might want or need. Oh yeah, and time is usually a factor too.
- Age: Old enough to have a 10 year old (almost) but young enough to have my Great Grandpa still alive.
- Annoyance: Yes I get annoyed easily. Especially by “RETARDS” who can’t drive right.
- Animal: My kids are animals – mostly a bunch of PIGS. But I love them anyway.
- Actor: Gets paid way too much money and only donates to charity for the publicity.
- Actress: I used to want to be one, and then realized I’d be better off ACTING like I don’t care at home.

- Best Friends: It’ll cost you!!
- Blind or deaf: I would love to have a mute button “sometimes”.
- Been in Love: I surely hope so, otherwise I have five little kids running around here calling us mom and dad, and I’d have no clue why.
- Been on stage: Did I get paid, NO!!! But I wish I could have been paid.
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Of course, why do you think you always lose just one sock, and things just happen to fall all the time. You certainly don’t think I did that, do you??
- Candy: Chocolate and nuts are the two main requirements.
- Color: Yes I have a color TV
- Cried in school: I’ll plead the 5th!!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: I tend to favor vanilla when talking ice cream, but when we’re talking pudding definitely chocolate.
- Chinese/Mexican: Like ‘em both.
- Cake or pie: Do I get to throw it at someone’s face??? You know I’ve always wanted to do that. Who wants to be first??
- Country to visit: I highly doubt I’ll be traveling to any county anytime soon, or EVER!!

- Day or Night: Umm. Ask me when I know a better, more precise ridiculous answer to this.
- Dance in the rain: Only in the summer and when the rain feel warm. But I don’t really “dance” I kind of just stand there, or I run like a crazy chicken with its head cut off.

- Eyes: What about them??? - Everyone has: farted in public --- don’t DENY it. Besides farting is healthy for you. If you don’t fart at least 14 times a day then you aren’t “digesting” correctly.

- First crush: Back in second grade
- First thoughts waking up: I just want to SLEEP some MORE!!!
- Food: for thought: I should go to bed now and finish this some other time. (I’m going to take that advice, seeing how it’s daylight savings tonight WHICH I HATE, and it’s awfully later than I wanted it to be)

- Greatest Fear: It’s a dumb one I know, but driving over hills and not knowing what’s on the other side --- I always think it’ll be a lake full of water that I’ll drive right into. Like I said, it’s dumb!!
- Giver or taker: Who’s really going to say they are a taker??? Duh Giver of course!! So GIMME Gimme!!
- Gum: I hate stepping on it, hate finding it on the bottom of furniture --- Nasty STUFF --- so please, who wants to give me a piece. (See there I go again, gimme gimme!!)
- Get along with your parents: Mostly I do, but… wouldn’t you like to know???

- Hair Color: Natural is the best way to be, so the minute I start going “gray” I’m busting out the hair color to keep it “NATURALLY BROWN, or maybe BLONDE)
- Height: I’m nearly 6 ft. Okay so minus about four inches. So what???
- Happy: Gilmore??? Love that show!!! Thanks to Amy who had me watch it back in college.
- Holiday: Can everyday be a holiday??? And not have to work and still get paid, oh wait --- I never get paid on real holidays … never mind.
- How do you want to die: Happy and peaceful. Oh get real; I want to feel the “BURN”. (I’m just kidding!!)

- Ice Cream: Frosty from Wendy’s with hot French fries. YUMMY!!!
- Instrument: panel on my car works just fine, thanks.

- Jewelry: Don’t really wear it, mostly because when I do, it gets lost!!! That’s probably why my wedding ring is a FAKE!!! He knew it all along – I would be clumsy and absentminded and lose things like JEWELRY.
- Job: Never-ending. Uncertainty.

- Kids: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.
- Kickboxing or karate: Really? I mean, come on, it’s not like I have any spare time or anything.
- Keep a journal: Sure, add one more thing on top of my mounding loads of laundry and sink full of dishes, and crying kids and needy husband that I already have to take care of.

- Love: Makes the world go round. Why can’t we just all love each other? - Laughed so hard you cried: Me when I’m extremely tired, EVERYTHING becomes ridiculously funny then. - Love at first sight: With my glasses on or off??

- Milk flavor: Is there seriously no such thing as “regular, normal, ‘straight from the cow’” Milk?? Does it have to be flavored anymore for anyone to enjoy it?
- Movie: I live my whole life for the next great movie. Like come on, I have 5 kids and all I get to see anymore --- is nothing I want to really watch again for the 18th time.
- Marriage: Not many take it seriously anymore. What happened to it being a sacred union between a man and a woman???
- Motion sickness: only while “ I’m riding up and down in my little red wagon….”
- McD's or BK: I always wanted a pair of British Knights shoes.

- Number of Siblings: is all just relative.
- Number of Piercings: Like how many times my skin has been pierced for a sampling of blood and not with “Fangs”??

- Overused Phrases: I don’t know how you do it.- One wish: More sleep PLEASE!!

- Place you'd like to live: Know anywhere I could live for FREE???
- Pepsi/Coke: Ever hear of carbonation doing harm to the kidneys. I don’t like either.

- Questionnaires: If I’m reading them about others I sometimes get bored, because you know I’m ALL about myself. (ME MYSELF AND I!!!)

- Reason to cry: Tatiana leaving AI. That girl was amazing, and so sweet and genuine. (Couldn’t pass up the chance to leave the same answer that my friend Alyssa put)
- Reality T.V.: Used to think it was a waste of time and wouldn’t watch it, now I just watch it and waste my time happily. - Radio Station: Don’t listen to it except out in the car – and I’m dumb because I don’t know what station I like the best.
- Roll your tongue in a circle: I think I just might be dizzy if I tried. Could we try something a little less "dizzying"?

- Shoe size: It’s in the double digits.
- Salad Dressing: Then let it dress already. Give it some privacy.
- Slept outside: Not by my choice.
- Seen a dead body: There again, not by my choice. - Sing well: Have you ever seen Happy Feet??? I can be compared to that. It’s absolutely a wonderful awful noise that I make.
- Stuffed Animals: My kids have way TOO many!! Now I should make the rule that they only get a stuffed animal if they kill and stuff it themselves. Maybe they’ll stop being so darn attached to them.
- Single/Group dates: For me a single date is with my Husband and a group date is the “WHOLE FAMILY”
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Fields Forever.

- Time for bed: So goes all the stall tactics of such a daily event from ever happening smoothly.
- Thunderstorms: Let’s play ball!!! (Vampire Style.) - TV: Better get the house work done so I can watch TV tonight.
- Touch your tongue to your nose: I can even touch my toes.

- Unpredictable: My MOOD!!!

- Vegetable you hate: I love em all!!! Doesn’t everybody??? (Just kidding there are a few that I really don’t like at all… wish I could remember which ones??)
- Vacation spot: Sitting in the desert in 120-degree heat – sounds like loads of FUN!!!

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: It’s hard to say, cause I’m practically perfect in every way. (Come on, if you believe that, I’m an even better actor than I thought)
- Who makes you laugh the most: When he isn’t making me Upset, he’s making me LAUGH!!! - Worst feeling: Thinking that this is never going to end.
- Worst weather: Extreme heat or cold!!!

-X-Rays: No I never dated any Rays. Sorry.

-Year it is now: Better go look at my calendar ... my brain doesn't function so well without having one.
-Yellow: Submarine, yellow submarine. We all live in a YELLOW submarine…(oops case of ADD catching up to me again.)

- Zoo animal: No I don’t own any.
- Zodiac sign: Taurus (it’s easy to remember because I have a car with the same name)

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