While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Monday, January 19, 2009

News updates.....

So my big excitement for today --- get ready for this ---- Little Guy went PEE in the POTTY, guess how many times??? TWICE!!!! I set him on the toilet and splashed some water on him, and within seconds he was going into the potty!!! I'm so way stoked about this. He may be difficult in other areas regarding life, but if in just this ONE area if he's EASY!!! I'll be so HAPPY!!! He won't be two until APRIL 10th, so if he keeps this practice up --- he'll be way potty trained before he turns 2!!! That will be a first!!! So I think, I need to get serious now, and keep at it so that I don't have to do any more diapers during the day. (I still use nighttime pullups for a couple of the kids..... but shh don't tell anyone.

The other exciting news........ I'm not pregnant. Well, I was feeling like I could be but, I have an IUD in and it's a form of birth control, so I was secretly hoping it would have been positive, but I am really glad now that it was NEGATIVE. I'm still wondering about my SIL??? hm --- if you're reading this you better let me know one way or the other. I wouldn't mind having baby #6 but right now isn't the time. This is actually the first time, my current baby is turning 2 and I'm not already pregnant. CRAZY!!! I love being around those cute cuddly babies, so I'm glad I can hold and interact with them, when I need a "Baby fix".

And other blessings that have been counted this week ....

Chris still has a job. So what if his hours have been cut back, along with everyone else that works there too. (Darn recession)

The car was only a $250.ooish expense. We had to replace the antifreeze/coolant reserve tank. It's made out of PLASTIC and they cost a lot to replace. HELLO!!!! But hey, at least it was just a couple hundred dollars instead of needing to buy a new car. (We're excited because we paid of the van in Nov. so we currently don't have a car payment. But don't tell anyone else, we're still working on trying to get out of our DEBT!!! --- credit card!!! Now that hours have been cut back, getting on the fast pace to get rid of it, just got zapped out. Well at least until he can have regular hours back)

The Little Guy is learning he has to go to sleep at night because I put a hook and eye lock on the one door that doesn't latch and just shut the other door that does latch. So he screams for a little while, but hey he is almost 2!! So it isn't like leaving a newborn crying and screaming for A WHILE!! The first few nights he cried for nearly an hour or more before he exhausted himself, and went to his bed and went to sleep. Now he only cries for 10 - 20 minutes. It's getting better.

And the PEEP testing came back with results saying that Little Guy qualifies for their program but only the area of Expressive Language so we'll be setting that up next week.

Prayers are really starting to be answered!! It doesn't feel like it but it does.

I mean heck, I even prayed and said that I needed HELP!! Only next time, I think I'll not voice it out loud if it comes in the form of my husband getting his hours cut back. But at least he's been motivated to workout in that extra hour before dinner, and he also helped make dinner a few nights this last week. So I guess it is just proof that you really need to be careful for what you pray for. ((Just kidding, I really do enjoy having him home, it's just the not getting paid for work thing that is going to STINK))

Sleeping Beauty finished her third book report for this school year *she's in 4th grade* --- but now we have to do a SCIENCE PROJECT. But she amazingly liked the idea that I suggested. I'm telling you THAT NEVER HAPPENS. She's always one to whine and complain about anything I suggest. But she liked it. We'll post pictures and outcomes and everything when we actually do the project. I'm interested to know the outcomes myself. HINT: TIDE VS. SUN that's all you get. Any clues???

I've been able to sleep all night a few times this week, but I still feel so sluggish during the day... wonder if I should get that checked out??? But at least, I feel relatively well. (I think) Some days are better than others, and some days just aren't doing it for me. But at least I have a warm bed to sleep in every night.

I have a lot of great friends!!! I just wish they realized it!!! Realize what?? That they are my friend. I was once told that in high school nobody really liked me because they thought I was STUCK UP!!??? Huh? I just thought nobody liked me, and that I was not their type. I had no idea that I was stuck up till several years later. But of course, that can be left up to interpretation. I mostly just stuck to myself, for personal reasons, but I dare say that is grounds for being labeled stuck up. At any rate --- you know you are great if you interact with me everyday. So don't be shy!!! Give me a call or stop by.


  1. What Wendy?!! You thought you might have been pregnant even with the IUD? Is that possible? Yikes...that scares me! I am glad that you feel good about the outcome though. I always have the little inkling of wanting baby number 6, but I am happy right now with how things are. I am glad that you are focused on the positives in your life, that is something that I need to do more. Thanks for being a good example...if its any consolation to you, I never thought you were stuck up:) haha!

  2. Well Amy I'm glad to hear that. I of course, already knew that. And yes it's possible to get prego even with an IUD, it doesn't happen to often but has been known. Just like any other form not completely 100% all the time.

  3. Pregnant maybe, huh? Nope. I'm not. We finally had someone interested in our house. We'll keep you posted, as well as any other baby-type news.
    And as for you being stuck up--you honestly were probably just too "high-standards" for many people around you, so people felt intimidated around you. Believe me, it's a strange California thing.

  4. Congrats on all the good news.

  5. I never thought you were stuck up! Sorry to hear about your husband's hours getting cut back! But at least you get to spend a little more time with him I guess!
    Good luck with the potty training. Oh, how I hate potty training.

  6. You are all too nice. Shantil I like your idea about being "too high standard" makes it sound a lot less "bad".

  7. WOW! You are an excellent blogger! I only hope my blogs are just as good! Well I am ALWAYS at home so if you are not busy give me a call I would love to sit and chat with you! Are there others in the ward that blog too? I am very much into this blogging thing right now. Its good for mw to get to know the other sisters in the ward since I am stuck in Primary. Which I LOVE by the way. I LOVE being with those GIANT spirits!


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