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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I REMEMBER (Randomness all the way) pt 1

Okay so lately I've had ample moments to remember the good times I had back in college, and while digging through some old papers came across a letter that kind of "sums" up some of the fun things that happened my first year. It's long, and may not mean a lot to any of you --- but to those mentioned it'll be priceless .... so if you want to find out about my crazy first year of college read on (and it's long) but if you don't have time just leave and I won't be offended. I wrote this myself and started it while still at college but had to finish it up once I reached California again. I thought about just scanning in but the original size of the font would make it impossible to read. So I'm going to type it up AGAIN. Here goes: *** I was writing this about a month and half after the posted date, so my memories were sketchy and not in order at all. It's basically complete randomness.

April 9th, 1997


As the year draws to a close, I believe that it's time to tell you what's going on in the lives of the people I've grown to love and appreciate throughout the years. At Ricks, we've built many friendships and have had dreams and made memories that I will carry with me all of my life. From all the friends I"ve met and made my roommates the ladies of 184 have made an impact and have influenced my life for good. Annette Meikle, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Amy Stephenson, Mt. Airy, Maryland; Elspeth Mann, Enumclaw, Washington; Sheri Greenhalgh, Springville, Utah; Sarah Barlow(Byrd) very shortly, Orem, Utah; Wendy Hill (Me) Trona, California.

I've learned so many lessons from these people and have made a lot of memories. I remember way back when, when we had our opening ward social and actually met our FHE brothers, who were way different then, than they are now. Boy how things have changed. I remember an FHE we had when Monte Hudson, Darroll Young, Josh Storer, Adrien Orme, Scott Hamblin, Carsen Woolley, and all six of us sat in our front room and asked personal questions, so we could get to know each other. Darroll Young asked Monte Hudson, who in our room he would like to kiss? Guess who --- that's right he said Annette and we all laughed. Now the two are seriously dating and have talked about marriage but, Annette firmly believes that she is going on a "mission" -- may be her mission is to get married and have a family. --- Who knows?

Some other thought I can remember are of FHE nights when we would have a thought and actually play football, with some "semi-tackling" taking place. That was so much fun! I also remember our late night "parties". Pizza would be ordered by the Pizza Queen -- MOI -- Wendy and then the Music Queen -- Amy --- would play the songs which would soon become our infamous apartment songs -- Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back, and Donna Lewis ' I love You Always Forever. Having those playing while screaming at the top of our non-existent voices and standing on the furniture and dancing - in other words acting out the song -- especially Celine's. Staying up till 1:00 - 1:30 in the morning. And building the friendships that would last forever. I remember Taralynn, wanting some pizza and asking the peron who bought it -- which was usually me -- if she could give a quarter for the piece. It was always fun to dance on the couches and chairs and scream, the loudest we could the words of the song, and just look at the lookds we got from our neighbors. But it was just funny because we would scream louder and dance funnier. Oh -- WHAT FUN!!! I remember Taralynn , who hated country music, the night we converted her and played Country Crazy by Little Texas and WOW the place was a rockin then. I also remember ZAC !! (Sheri correct me if I am wrong!) This boy was persistent from Day 1. The very first Sunday he happened to see an empty seat where all of us were sitting and asked if the seat next to Sheri was taken she said, No so he sat down from that day forward he was so persistent and we kept telling her that he wants her. Well, Sheri didn't want anything to happen or anything to do with boys and Zac had her on his mind and on the 10th of September they went on their first date and slowly but surely they fell in love and let "it" happen, after always denying before that "it" wasn't going to happen. So guess what it happened.

Some ofther things I remember are in the beginning Brad Cook!!! had his eyes on Amy and they spent some time together -- she even ditched an FHE just to see him. And not to mention we thougth that it was just SICK AND WRONG because she had a boyfriend back at home!! But nothing ever happened, we got excited over nothing. (BJ if you ever read this don't worry Amy is a great gal!!!) I also think that everyone went through a phase where they liked Brad. Oh what a time that was.

Speaking of Brad -- Elspeth come into the picture. Don't worry Elspeth, it isn't all that bad, remember ladies she went to Preference in the fall with Brad one night and Kyle the next night --- while all of us sat at home and did nothing. At least right now it seems as though we did nothing. But my, my , my --- what a time!! You know what I am trying to do this off from the top of my head right now because I am right now because I am too lazy to walk back into my bedroom and get the notes. So I'll see how far I get. And just a reminder this stuff isn't in chronological order. Speaking of Elspeth, she always and I think still says this, but last semester in the fall she always said, " I HATE YOU" and "DIE!DIE! DIE" and she doesn't love anyone. Remember that !

We always said how crazy she was for saying that and I am not really telling you this next part because I am using telepathy or telekinesis to do this next sentence or so --- Elspeth go ahead and skip a few lines.

Hey you other I am no t really supposed to tell you this but Elspeth emailed me one time and said not to tell anyone but guess what she said???

That is right she said I LOVE YOU and along with the rest of you. a;ldkfjalsdkjfla;sdjfl;sadjf

Okay it really is me AGAIN !!!

The computer put me in a trance or something and it was weird but now I am alive again and can really focus on what is being said. Well, at any rate I haven't had any free time lately but I am back for a few minutes because I want this done by Amy's birthday. And I have just a week.

I also remember Elspeth and my computer. She always wanted to play mahjongg. Sheri, can more than likely acocunt for that. She had the obsession with Saturday's Warrior soundtrack, and I can't remember for the life of me the other CD that she always played, the second half. -------------
More to come in a few more days. So what are some of your funny and best college memories. And where and when did you go?? Yes this might give away your age slightly but ... WHO CARES!!! Just tell me anyway.

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