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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My new invention .....

After spending some time with some amazing women tonight. I discovered that I have a great "idea" for a new invention. But your curious??? Well, first off -- it might just be a seasonal item, sold mainly in the fall and winter months. And the target market would be females 18 and up.

Battery operated, and yes the batteries would be included. This item would aide the protection of women from possible attacks from deranged people, that have nothing better to do than be MEAN!! But this product would also provide some warmth. Which can mean a form of comfort. I'm sure it could come in just about any color possible and would come waterproof. (since it would be battery operated)

Any Guesses Yet???

Well, I'll come back to this in a second, but right now I want to point a problem that I often encounter and then tell you the solution that I came up with.


It's winter!! It's COLD!! And as a WOMAN I have certain areas that tend to tell me it's too COLD!!!

LIKE MY ARMS --- THEY GET GOOSE BUMPS that seem to make a permanent home there, and don't leave until Spring. My FEET!!! Are always cold, and that's where snuggling in bed is a good thing. My husband has lots of body heat, and laying close to him -- my body seems to inhale all the heat he's giving off. Eventually I get warm again. But then there is the region of the body, that when it gets cold -- observant people can tell you ARE!! Unless you are wearing a big baggy shirt. I'm talking about the chest area. Any woman can probably tell you that when she gets cold, the there are like a serious monstrous goose bump on either side that have a hard time going away. So to compensate for the extreme cold I try to stand with my arms folded in front of my chest and then I try to keep warm there.

So any other guesses about my solution and the invention mentioned above???

An electric bra!!! It would be the ultimate winter time gear. Don't you think. It could keep you constantly warm and no one would ever wonder if you are COLD again. Unless you get goose bumps on you arms, or worse, ON YOUR FACE!!!

So what do you think?? Do I have a winner here or what????

So this bra would be designed to keep the chest warm, and have the battery located in between the breasts, and then there could be a way to program it to shock anyone that tries to "harm" or "hurt" you or "try to take advantage" of when they have no right to. I think this goes right up there with the tree that will grow money.

Okay so maybe it's a bit BIZARRE. Okay A LOT BIZARRE. But it sure was fun to talk about and think of the possibilities. This just goes to show you how crazy one woman can be when going sleep deprived and reaching states of deliriousness by dinner time almost everyday. Hey, if I didn't have conversations like this with others once in a while I'd seriously have to commit myself into a mental hospital because I couldn't vent out any of my frustration in fun and creative ways. Although I bet you wouldn't personally buy an item like this (for one I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap) I bet you had a great laugh, and now you feel better for having read this and laughed about it.

But if you fall in the percentage of people that will read this and think how dumb I must be, COME ON!! I know that you've had times where you've been silly and came up with off the wall stuff that made absolutely no sense at all but was FUNNY!!!

Hope you all take the time especially when your stressed to find a reason to laugh it seriously HELPS. That's why I married my husband, because he makes me laugh. Most of the time.

Just for kicks I googled "electric bra" and found this.

Electrical bras?
I asked a question "what can I do/but to protect myself
and others?" and 1 guy said an electrical bra that does something when the
wearer is in danger... was he being serious? are these for sale somewhere?...if
this is true, how do they work and where can I buy 1 and r they safe to
wear?suggestions wud b fab
2 years ago

Additional Details
2 years
ooooohh... someone just answered and said it's a techno bra that vibrates
silently and sends an alert to the police when the heart rate increases.....what
if ur heart rate increase because ofsomething else ...like ur running to catch a

Looks like there's been talk of a bra like this one, so I guess it'll have to sit on the back burner. On to invent my next big money maker.

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  1. Wow, this made me laugh. :) It sounds like something me & my roomies would come up w/ during a sleepover!


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